we love pictures 2

dress: Gap (similar here, & here)
tights: Target
shoes: Target (similar here)

hat: H&M (Similar here)
vest: H&M (similar here)
shirt: Asos
pants: Pac Sun (similar here)
boots: Diesel (similar here)

>> Ry


Agnes & Dora

I love love love meeting new people. I love being able to make new friends and learn about other people's lives and experiences. That, plus all of this winter wonderland business happening, I haven't been able to help but think back to this fun shoot that I did with Hunter Kofford & Agnes & Dora a little while ago. It was the best! Check out some of the fun outfits that we put together. Also, head over to Agnes & Dora's website to get some of their goodies! I wear their product on a weekly basis whether its leggings, or skirts, and they are the to die for.

>> Ry


These great times

What a beautiful holiday we have had! And it's not even over!! This Christmas season has been one of the best. Steve and I have really wanted to make it a point to remember why we celebrate this great holiday, and to soak in the feelings and fun times we have been having with our families. Which is always most important to us! Our fun times have been endless, so amazing we haven't even been thinking about taking pictures, and if we have they have most definitely been iPhone quality, so bare with us :)

We have had so much fun! I am so grateful for this time of year and to have the amazing gospel in my life. Our beliefs are my foundation, and the foundation for the family that Steve and I have created. I am so grateful for a Savior who died for me for so many reasons. I get to live with my amazing husband and those that I love forever! I am grateful for forgiveness, for the many blessings & miracles that I have witnessed in my life, and know that I will continue to witness. I would not trade the comfort that I receive from prayer and my faith for anything. I love my life, the people that I spend it with, and have officially decided I am the luckiest lady in all of the land!

Cheers lovely people! I hope your holidays we as happy as ours!

>> Ry


some of my most favorite shops

Hi friends! I have teamed up with a few of the sweetest, most beautiful ladies to bring to you one of the most darling Instagram giveaways!

Hunter, Brooke, & I have collaborated with Scout & Co, Kelsey's Feathers, and Rustik and are so excited to give one lucky winner some extra Christmas lovin'!

Want to enter? You have ONE day! And remember, you have to enter through INSTAGRAM! Head here & check out my last post for details.