Begonias and the beach pt. 2

The begonia festival is the best celebration in the littlest town. Even though the town is small, the celebration is ginormous might I add. It is seriously a great time. They have activities going on all weekend long like sand castle contests (and these sand castle builders mean business people), row boat races, arts and crafts for kids, but the biggest celebration of all is the begonia parade. There are about 6-8 "floats" as we call them. These are legit floats, not the ones that look like they are floating on the street, but floats that actually float down the river. And the people make the floats out of BEGONIAS! These floats are made out of FLOWERS people!! It is the perfect site. The beach houses that we stay in actually have a little yard on the river so we always have prime seating and get to enjoy every single little thing that happens. It is the best. After the parade we obviously had to get in a couple hours of paddle boarding and went and hung out with the seals on the ocean. We paddled down the river that has the most beautiful scenery you could ever imagine. This trip went by too fast. As it normally does. But, ya know, there is always next year. Until then I will just re-look at all of our pictures for the next 11 months. Happy labor day folks! (Just a month late.. haha)

(If you want to check out the rest of our amazing trip, head here)


P.S. We are OFFICIALLY DONE for the summer! This past month has been a doozy. We are slowly settling, and I think I am going to be able to manage my time enough to talk about more cool stuff on my little corner of the universe here. 


begonias and the beach pt. 1

Over Labor day we took our annual trip to Capitola for the Begonia festival and it was obviously a blast. (As it always is). We rode on one of the oldest roller coasters in the nation on Santa Cruz Boardwalk, ate soft serve, and screamed our brains out from excitement. (and maybe a little bit of terror. that roller coaster was fast, man!)

Over the rest of the weekend slept in every day, walked around the town barefoot, went to the beach every day (it was our backyard for crying out loud), shared diet cokes with mom, ate ice cream after almost every meal (that 1020 down there is to. die. for. you don't even understand. Just look at those ingredients!), played with the cutest bebes around, ate our body weight in tacos and pizza, did yoga on the beach, hiked and hiked and saw the most beautiful views, and stared at all the dreamy beach houses all day long. It was seriously the way to live you guys.

We love this place. Stay tuned to see what the "begonia festival" is all about! 



I'm here & life lately

August has come and gone, and September is half way over. Welcoming the months of "Sariah is the worst blogger/journal keeper in the world." haha but really. School has started, Steve and I are living in two different states for this month, summer work is dwindling (and then it's not because we are busting our butts finishing this stuff up). I'm gonna try and cover everything we have done in the past two weeks via Instagram so I feel like I'll be able to remember our lives in three months. (I feel like I have the brain of a pregnant lady these days.. except for I don't have a human growing inside me. Not cool.)

//We packed up our summer home in Brentwood and had our last supper at in-n-out. Obviously. What's new there?

//We took a little vacay to Capitola/Santa Cruz (runner up under Santa Barbara for favorite place ever). More on this trip here soon. If I can find time between flying on airplanes, going to class, and watching kids, then you might be able to see the lovely time we had there. And why it's so beautiful. We splashed in the ocean, ate ice cream every. single. night, took a ferris wheel ride on the beach on our last night together (for a little while). 

//I said goodbye to my sweet state of california (and my sweet husband) and drove a whole 13 hours BY MYSELF! Yes, you read that right. I had a whole lot of mixed feelings. I was so excited to drive home and be in Utah and start school, but I love the summers so much. like so much. My favorite part of the year. It's just my love and I. More on that later too, maybe.

// My family and I went and had the best time at temple square. It was regional conference, and I love what I believe. We had the best day relaxing, eating good food, sleeping, watching big brother. haha. This picture of the city makes me feel like my feelings for Utah are cheating on my feelings for California. I don't know how to handle it.

//We missed each other and reminisced about our care free lives when we go to Capitola, and when we would see each other again.

// I finally flew to California to work for the weekend. (which will be our lives for the next month). and we were so happy to see each other we took elevator selfies and ate a huge breakfast. (We normally aren't breakfast people). Now we are visiting friends in Santa Barbara and about to take a walk on the beach and eat crio. That stuff is gold.

Cheers! Maybe I'll figure out how to blog in a non-listing way. ha