Let's Do This

Woah.. I like don't even know where to begin. You know when you have been avoiding something for a really, really, really long time, because you kind of don't want to face that you have really lacked (sucked) in whatever area of life that may be? Well that is exactly where I have been stuck for like, 6 weeks now. Writing. Not just blogging, but journal writing, too. Maybe not even that.. I dunno, I guess I have just totally failed myself and keeping up on my thoughts, and doings over the past three months, and I hate it!

Does that even make sense? ha maybe not.

But I got to the point today where I remembered for a split second what I've been missing out on and I miss it. I miss having an outlet for my thoughts, feelings, all that fun stuff. (I feel like I go through this writing sickness like every 5 months... so just work with me here..)

Things are just changing around my eyes every single day.. in good ways though! I feel like life is just passing by so fast and sometimes I can't handle it.. ha

I'm just glad I have this good person (below) to keep me grounded when I need it.

Annnnddd... I think I'm just gonna leave this post at that.. to get over my temporary/weird/trying to figure my stuff out phase. But I definitely don't want to be a stranger to my own life anymore. So I think I'll stick around this place for a while again. I like it.

>> Ry