I'm Thankful

//for my life - and that I get to spend it with the one that I love the most. 
//for my trials - that give me strength and help me become closer to my Father in Heaven 
//for my health - because I have the ability to eat good things, and keep my body strong 
//for our adventures - mr. warner and I get to experience new things together and I wouldn't trade that for anything 
//for my potential - I get to work towards it every day
//for forgiveness - that I can always have a second chance and that I can let go of things that hold me back
//for my husband - because he is the most incredible human 
//for my dreams - that I can have individuality 
//for my examples - those that are kind enough to help me feel my importance
//for my family - that help me understand myself 
//for my education - that I can consume knowledge and use my abilities to observe and gain intelligence 
//for my feelings - that I can be aware of those around me and situations that can make me stronger
//for my faith - that I am never alone and that I have constant companions who love me, and have faith in me

My heart is always extremely full over the holidays (it really should be all year round, but that evergreen smell and the white roads makes my soul grow ten fold I guess). It makes me happy, it gives me a sense of meekness that I don't feel at other times of my life. It makes me want to give, and to help those around me. It makes me want to be a more positive person, and to be an example to others. It makes me want to forgive, and to grow as human being. It makes me want others to know how much I care about them, even if I don't show it. I love these feelings and want to carry them with me always.

I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to be thankful.

Happy Turkey Day!

>> Ry


fall time is the best time

\\Because everyone has to take pictures in the beautiful mountains of Utah during fall.

(Or be like us and wait until the trees are pretty much bare - but hey, we did it, right?)

My guy is good looking. 



Our house, our life, and some feelings maybe

I am in that "you don't talk about your life or avoid starting to remember awesome things because it can be kind of intimidating" rut again... blaaah.. I was trying so hard to avoid it but with this crazy life it just happens. This is legitimately one of the goals that I am working on right now. That and working out at least four times a week (to be healthy - more on that later). And to cut back on drinking soda, but sometimes you just need that, ya know?

Any who, this is going to be a house, life, feelings update so get excited!

our home
It's more than just a pile of dirt now!! Wohoo!!

We have a foundation, and part of a structure. And can we please talk about our view? One of the reasons I am so excited for this place.

Our lives have been so busy lately - in such a great way. It just makes me feel blessed. I have been learning so many valuable things in school, we have been able to spend so much time with some of our closest family and dearest friends, and it has just been the best. We watched three sweet kiddos a little bit ago for a week for some of our friends, and just had the best time. There were stressful times, exhausting times, adorable times, sweet times, (all three kids had croup the entire time - hence exhausting and stressful), and everything was totally worth it. Steve and I were able to have a little glimpse into our future of three children - ten years down the road, right love? (I'm pretending he is reading this).

Me, my mom, and belle went to disney on ice for Belle's birthday this past weekend, too. It was magical! It made me think of the first time I went to disneyland and how my mom started crying when my sister and I saw snow white for the first time. Unfortunately, I'm sure that is how my emotions will be when I have children who see their princess idols for the first time, too.

Also, we have so many awesome, fun, exciting things happening in our lives right now (which will have to hold off for another post). But just be happy with us.

I will spare you. You are welcome. But I can tell you that YOU should start feeling REALLY excited about the next couple weeks, because there is going to be some TERRIFIC stuff heading your sweet little readers way! (may or may not include some type of awesome prize). And Its thanksgiving week, so I have really been reflecting on how incredibly lucky and grateful I am for everything in my life.

Stay tuned loves!



Halloween 20fourteen

Now that I am just about a month behind updating this little corner of ours, I figured I would start with a bang and post about a holiday that I sort of love! (haha) 

Halloween always stresses me out, and every single year I am determined to not dress up or be invited to any parties so that I don't have to think about costumes for Steve and I. (Even though there is a halloween party that we go to every year, and my family are halloween addicts)

Then, we think of a costume, go all out, and have the best time ever. 

But, c'mon, would you expect anything less from this warner clan this year?

Steve and I obviously had to reach our inner in-n-out and be workers at our favorite place for the night. We thought about actually going to in-n-out on halloween and see what people said, but then time escaped us as I was working on our costumes for our big halloween bash. We have a halloween party every single year with some of the warner siblings and friends. It so fun, even though steve and I always lose at the minute to win it games. It's alright. One day.

Cheers to next year!