It's Just Different

I always get weird, nasty homesick feelings when my husband leaves for work. It's mostly just when he goes to sell though. Maybe it is because I know how bad it sucks, and how much I hate it so I just feel strange and sensitive (like I might just cry cause I miss him kinda sensitive) feelings. Who knows. It's hard to explain, but I have all of these emotions right now, cause he left to sell for california today. So now I'm writing about them. It helps :)

I think sometimes he knows when I am getting this way. Like getting ready to send him off and I don't love that he is going kinda thing. Last night he took me to get late night yogurtland cause he knew I liked my outfit and was craving sweet stuff. Even though he was already in his pajamas. He is the best. Really he is, and I don't know if I really share how amazing he is sometimes. Like to other people... And he has this awesome wave with his hair going on right now. I just have a really rad husband. I love him. And his hair.

Oh! And I went to this crazy sweet hair show last night with my sista haley. Like the kind of hair show where you think an animal might crawl out of these ladies heads. It was sweet. And a charity for an amazing cause too! Not to mention I got loads of free shampoo and conditioner samples. The sunflower head was by far my favorite. This is art here people. Pure talent. I would call it a successful time.

P.S. Wasn't the weather amazing yesterday. I ran outside and it made me feel good about myself. I can't wait for spring. OH! And happy "day of being married for a hear and a half!" Mr. Warner! Love it.

- Ry


This is funny.

I am currently sitting in bed, stuffing my face with the largo, grande-sized kettle corn from Cinemark. Literally, stuffing my face. Like where you are slumped down, face staring at the computer. There are crumbs all over my chest/stomach, and sheets {sorry husband}, hair in a ratted-i-just-woke-up kinda do. I am pretty sure they put some type of drug in this popcorn when we went to see the lego move yesterday (which was amazing. Go see it. I laughed a lot. and I didn't really think I would be in to that kind of thing). But whatever. I'll take it. Even though my stomach is kind of making weird noises now, the bag will probably be gone by the end of the evening.

Funny story though. So Steve and I watched our sweet niece, "Indie Warner" as she calls herself, this past week. We did all sorts of fun things like going to the grocery store, playing with walter the dog, taking two hour baths, etc. but one thing in particular Indie loved, was going to to her cousins house. When it was time to leave, she did NOT want to go. Full on tantrum, and then slapped me.. a few times. Any who, I got mad at her, did the whole little discipline thing, and that was that. Fast forward a couple hours to dinner with my sister. This is how the conversation went:

Me to sister: "So Indie had a little incident a little while ago"

Sister to indie: "Uh-Oh indie, what happened?"
Me to sister: "Indie got mad and hit me"
Indie: "It's okay though..." (In a "lets try to make things better" kinda voice)
Sister to Indie: "Indie! Why did you hit her?"
Indie: "It's a looong story.."

WHAT? "It's a long story"... since when does  a 3 year old even know how to apply that saying? We could not stop laughing. She thought it was hilarious too.

I just added in this beauty because seeing her swim around in her goggles and swim cap every morning, was probably the best ten minutes of my day.


Lately.. again

So I've noticed lately that whenever I feel the urge to start blogging again, I always go and read other peoples blogs. And if I am lucky, then I will right my own post. Well, tonight is one of those lucky nights. I know, they should happen more often, for my sake really, not that anyone reading this cares how often I post. ha. Really though.

The past 6 days Mr. Warner has been in California for work shenanigans, and whenever he is gone for long periods of time I always start getting obsessed with our wedding for someone reason. Like looking over our wedding pictures, watching our wedding videos over and over again... (Which I think I am going to post on here for people to see if they'd like... no need to feel obligated to watch anything, ya know :) ).

So I have been reflecting a lot lately, on life, on the past, the future, all that good stuff, and Steve and I are just so fortunate. I know that that seems like a really cliche, and common thing to hear on a newlywed, "just another blog", blog... but you know when you just feel so comfortable, and grateful for life? And everything that it brings you? Whether it is good, bad, difficult.. You just feel good. I love that feeling. It has been coming to me a lot lately and I hope it stays that way.

Another cool thing about my life? I went skiing for the first time EVER today! Like ever. I took a ski lesson with my sweet sis Mickell and then was shown up big time by my 6 and 8 hear old niece and nephew. It was awesome. And I am so sore. And grateful for Mark, our patient ski instructor. He did so good that he will probably have to survive another lesson with us here in the next few weeks.

I am really hoping that I get good at this fun new hobby. Steve snowboards, and we really need to get into something that will help us love winter. I mean if you live in Utah you have to learn how to love the snow and freezing cold somehow, right? yeah, well scraping ice off the car in the wee hours of the morning just isn't doin it for us. I'm excited for this. I guess I should throw this out there, anyone have any advice for a beginner skier? Like how to become good? I felt like I was on my butt a lot more than I should have been today.



Side note: I'm excited to see my husband tomorrow. I've missed him... and I'm excited for the next few months in the lives of the warner's. There is going to be a lot going on. So stay tuned. 

Oh, and here are those videos I was talking about. Just because :)