On Friday, July 19th (The day that my sweet Steven Leland Warner started life on this earth), I drove to the far away land of Simi Valley to surprise my big 23 year old kid. I was literally shakin' in my boots as my partner and crime, Mal and I drove to the Holiday Inn Express. Then I wanted to pee my pants as we were hiding in the dark hotel room, Behind the beds, waiting for our men to come in the door after a long day of work. We ate some delicious food at a little joint right by their hotel, and then just cuddled. Fun, right? Our time together was short. (like 1 and 1/2 hours short). Us ladies may or may not have gotten emotional as we said good bye to our significant others, and then Mal and I were off and home at one in the morning that night. Wohoo for sporadic, last minute, crazy fun road trips.

It was so quick I only took one picture. This is Mr. Warner's birthday cake with bomb fire candles and the most delicious frosting you will ever taste in your life…

Yes, I know that this little shout out is a little late… but I wanted to make sure that the world knows again (This is pretty much a reminder post, because I already shoved a bunch of mushy gushy awesomeness on insta the day he was actually born) how happy, lucky, ecstatic, overjoyed, etc etc. I am that this man was born and is in my life for forever.

I am the literally the luckiest lady in this universe to have a man who is so hardworking, loving, patient, hilarious, caring, kind, sexy, admirable, spiritual, friendly, considerate, helpful, supportive, classy,  handsome, entertaining, strong, spectacular, the list goes on and on and on… to be my husband. 

He is amazing at everything that he does, and never settles for less than his best. He would do anything to make me happy and sacrifices for me every day. I love you Steve. As high as the sky and as deep as the ocean.  You are my hero in so many different ways. 

We are going to party all year long in celebration of you. Mark my words. 

>> Ry


Disney me silly

 When Ken was out here, I was convinced that I had to take a day off and spend some sister/auntie/sister-in-law time with my loved ones at the happiest place on earth. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE disneyland... like literally adore. My husband on the other hand... not too fond. (He says the big rides make him sick, and he doesn't like the crowds). I know I know... I've already shed a few tears, BUT I am determined to change his little mind. He will be a disney loving freak by the time I am done convincing him how truly amazing and magical this people filled, expensive food, long lined place is!

Trey, Jami, Indie, Ken and I all packed our purses bright and early and headed off to Disneyland. This was Indie babes first time, and frankly I am pretty sure I had more fun on the Dumbo ride with her, then space mountain. And that is sayin' somethin'!! Wanna know one of the best parts of this trip though? Was how Mckenna got ger ticket paid for.. watch this.. it's to die for.

 These pictures will be self explanatory. Enjoy.

To end our adventures we stopped off at this pizza place that was extraordinarily scrumptious. Deep dish pepperoni was shared between the four of us. Thank you brother Trey and sister Jami for treating us to such a special day! Until next time Mickey, Minnie, and the gang. 

>> Ry



I'm baaaacckkkk. But really.

I have actually been avoiding this place for a little while now, because when I think about how much I have to catch up on, it makes me insane. But I am facing my problems now and finally telling the world about what has been happening in our lives the past little while..

Crazy amazing, I know. 

A fun secret that I figured out about myself this past week, is that I literally become mentally deranged when my husband leaves me. Steve left last week, for the entire week. And the only person who will know how crazy I went will be my best friend across the hall from us, Mal. Her Mr. was gone as well, and we just mourned together. We have obviously been away from each other before. But I think that I have been so used to being with Steve literally all the time, that I didn't know what to do with myself when he was gone. Normally we have mornings together, we come home together, drive out to area together, but not last week. I was alone in the morning, alone driving out, alone coming home, and alone at night. (Except for when Mal and I would watch Extreme Weight Loss via the Mac).

Any who, I cried every single day, except for Friday, because I went and surprised him for his birthday (More on that later) and I didn't cry on Saturday either because that was the day he was coming home. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, and I've accepted it. That's why I'm sharing :)

Well that was a fun little soap box. Let's move on.

The title of this post? That is about all I have to say about life lately. Woah. It has been so unbelievably great, (besides being in my depressed state last week). And there is going to be a LOT of catch up to do.. that is for dang sure.

I'll start where I left off from last time though... SISTER TIME!

Having Mckenna out here was so awesome. It was hard to work. But I still did. And we had such a lovely time. I definetely made sure that Ken had a taste of what my job is like... aaanndd we didn't last long to say the least. We made sure to check out the beach, local Victoria Gardens {Where we ran in to our friends the Greens/Stayners from back home!!!} play with our favorite girl Indie baby, and of course many delicious foodie joints here and there.

One of my favorite parts of the trip? Was finding this sweet little cottage that my Grandma Penney grew up in. Its breathtaking. The best part is that it is literally a two minute walk from the beach, and in one of the prettiest little beach towns, Corona Del Mar. Worst part? It was sold  years ago and we can't enjoy it for ourselves anymore.. major bummer. Cheers to wishing we were billionaires right now!

Don't worry. That's all I'm going to bore you with for now. But for the next four days you will see a blog posting blast on this thing. Steve is leaving again tomorrow for the week, and I think I am ready to handle it a little bit better. Hoping that I won't be confined to tissues and be able to lead a normal life. Knock on wood. I may be talking to soon, So I guess you will find out tomorrow! Wohoo for girl emotions!! 

Mal will be my step in Husband for the week. Love you dear.

>> Ry