This past Monday, February 25th, was the day that marked Mr. Warner and I being married for 6 months.

I feel like that is really cool. Ya, it may not be a very long time, but let me tell ya… man have we learned a lot in these six months of being married.

We have learned how to love each other more,
we have learned how to argue pretty well,
and we know how to make up even better…
we are even pro at teasing each other...
and making each other laugh really hard.

I love it more than anything.

To celebrate we went to in-n-out and bought each other new phones. We have been dealing with the 1st generation, not so cool, never working droid something-or-others for the past forever. 

We just spent time with us, and took in those moments that we had to ourselves. It was lovely. 

{I will get to posting about our actual wedding day here… soon. Hopefully :) Who knows.. maybe it will be when we have been married a year, maybe tomorrow. All I know is that I love that handsome man up there in that picture a whole lot. }

I'm excited for these next 6 months, and then the months after that, and then the years. Just because they are going to be with my best friend, and it will be that way forever. Thanks for the most amazing first six months of marriage ever my hubster.

I think you rock.



Love Three

This sweet post is going to be dedicated to the evening that was 4 days before our wedding. We geared up and traveled around Utah County for a few hours while our amazing photographer captured our love. (It's the same amazing girl that took our engagements - refer to previous post). My dress was one of my most favorite things about our wedding. So realistically I could not wait to have Mr. Warner see me in it. I changed on the side of the freeway. It was awesome. We got a few honks here and there which made us feel special. 

I LOVE the way Steve reacted in this little moment… 

And man… Look at how handsome my husband is!!!
We started running out of daylight towards the end of our adventure, and let me tell ya, those were some of my favorite shots. We were tired, and hungry, and in love. 

{Wanna know a secret? See that lantern? Well we really didn't let it off… We were too nervous to set the mountain on fire… which we almost did. Steve had to stomp out some flames in his brand new, never been worn wedding shoes. It was awesome. We may or may not have had the police show up too.. }

After our fairytale shoot, we went and ate at Bajio. Me in my dress, he in his suit. But don't worry. Those heels were off in milliseconds. That salad had never, and will never taste as good as it did that night. Maybe it was just because of the occasion or something. 

>> Ry


Love Two

Engagement time!!!!!!! Wohooo!! I have been getting so excited to post these… Steve came home in the middle of June for like 4 days… It was the best four days of the whole summer. I called up this amazing chick to be of our assistance, and she did phenomenal. Look at these!! If you want her to share her expertise with you, check her out here, or like her Facebook page here

We went out into the middle of no where to take these… seriously.. middle of no where. I didn't have phone service. But man was I grateful that I got to spend some time loving on my boy!! As you will see below, we got into a river {those adventurous minds of ours}, made a tent to have breakfast in,  and read the letters we wrote each other while Steve was in Brazil for two years. It was fantastic. He made me laugh a lot, and I made him kiss me a lot. Yay for marriage!

The countdown is here!! Two days and my love and I will be married for half a year.. That's sweet if I do say so myself. Stay tuned to learn more about our wedding day!!