Help Please

Listen here loves...

I'm in desperate need. My body is begging me at this point, and I decided to listen. Our schedule out here isn't very "healthy eating permitting" to say the least. (Does that even make sense?.. whatever) I eat breakfast, try and eat a decent lunch, and then don't have dinner until 9-10 at night… awesome.

I need to do a cleanse… some sort of something to get these toxins out of my body, so I can start {a little bit} over. (Chipotle, you will still have my business - just not three times a week - I am going there for lunch today PS. It is seriously the most delectable thing ever. It's taken Cafe Rio's spot for the summer). Any ideas please?? I have heard of the Suja Juice cleanse, I would be definitely down for that because I have no time what so ever to prepare loads and loads of juice every day. I just need help ha.

I don't think that in-n-out every night for dinner is cutting it anymore. Please share anything and everything with this needy girl!!!

I thank you in advance my peeps.

Seriously.. there may or may not/pretty much will be a reward for the best advice I get... I'm that serious about this whole thing. It's GOTTA happen!! Lemme know. 



What. A. Week.

I can officially say that Sunday's are my most favorite day of the week. Haha no brainer, right?

Here is the selling story of the week. Enjoy.

This past week I went three days with a big 'ol bagel by my name (that means 0, zilch, nothing, nada). Finally sold two on Thursday, then Friday just punched me in the face, big bagel again. I had a breakdown to say the least… haha I have been trying to be strong, and not cry these past three weeks, and I have succeeded. Then came Friday night, I just needed to let it all out.

Next day? Saturday… the dreadful/amazing day ha. I sold three. And to think that I was debating whether I should really continue on and go out on Saturday. Man am I happy that I stuck to my guns. And I hope it sounds like I'm bragging… if not, I am going to and tell you that I am awesome… because that was dang hard!! And I am so proud of myself.

Okay, selling story done.

I wanted to take a minute and give a quick shout out to all of the amazing women that are in my life. There are so many that have taught me, helped me grow, and become the woman that I am today… It's so incredible to me to think of how blessed I truly am. Last Sunday being Mother's Day, I just want to make sure that we all remember, that we shouldn't just be thanking those women in our lives on just one day of the year… I want my mama, my sweet mama Denise, my grandmas, aunts, mama friends, sisters, all to know that I think about you every day… really.. whether it be about something that I learned from you, or how much I miss you. But you are thought of, and appreciated, and loved. 

May every single one of your days on this earth be recognized… because you are amazing. 

Wanna know what else? I can't wait to be a mama myself.. I think about that everyday, too. How what I do, and say, and how I act today is going to effect my babies, and how I teach them, and the example that I set for them… They aren't even here yet… and I am already stressin.. stress and motherhood? They are connected in every way possible. Right?

I am just glad that this lady below taught me everything I know.. I think I might pass because of her. XOXO mama

Also, is it so vain of me that one of the only reason I want kids right now is so I can dress them? (Side note, in our ward out here, there is the most adorable family, with the most adorable little nuggets.. I told Mr. Warner that if our kids are as cute as theirs, we can have 10. Yes I really said that) Buuut, I don't think so. I can control myself with that reason, so let's hope it stays that way for a while. 




Yes, this post is entitled MIA… because, yes, I have been missing in action for the past little while.

We have officially been here in Rancho Cucamonga (the "cooc" as we call it) for 2 weeks now. When I look back at how long we have been here, I swear time is going by faster than usual; but then when it is 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I am sitting on the curb eating a cliff bar for dinner, the minutes take like an hour each to go by. Welcome to summer sales my friends!!

What a life it is.

#1) My husband. He is the best. Some of you already know that….but no, you really have no idea how amazing he really is. A week before we were supposed to leave for the summer, both Mr. and I started having second thoughts about me selling or not.. after months of having the plan that we would both sell this summer (and maybe more summers to come.. more on that later), so that I wouldn't have to go to school and work at the same time, we could buy our first house faster, etc. we were now second guessing ourselves. Long story short, that was so idiotic  of us… like for real.. what were we thinking???

I couldn't imagine not being out here with him, or him here without me. because that would suck. Strong word, but true.

PS… I've already made more in one week here, than I would have made in two months at my job back home… and I was getting paid way more than minimum wage at that pretty place, too. SO.. leading in to my next point.

#2) Hard Job = Amazing Results. You won't find this girl anywhere but on your doorstep for the next 3 1/2 months.. unless it is ten at night, then I will be in my bed exhausted. I won't lie.. last week I wasn't so sure about this whole thing… Every single morning  I would want to throw up and start crying. (That is still the case by the way… don't think it is changing anytime soon either). BUT I would make these amazing people that I am with out here drop me off on the curb and drive away. Crazy, right? But I promised myself that I would do this. It's not for Steve, it's not for any of the other guys selling out here, it's for me. So that I can prove to myself that I can do hard things. Because this is hard. I think I could say that this is the hardest thing I have ever done. Last Tuesday, May 7th, I sat on the curb and finally broke down crying because I hated my life so much. But then I went and got my first sale, and realized that my life is going to go on, and it will be awesome. And I have to keep remembering that every single day.

SHOUT OUT!! To my sweet and loving and supportive and amazing Mr. Warner, as well as all of the family and friends I have out here with me. Definitely couldn't do it with out you. And that is fact.

#3) Birthday. I will be a one week old, 20 year old tomorrow!! How cool is that! It was my birthday last monday, and it was one different than I have ever had before. Normal day of wearing the same attire 6 days out of the week, and a few doors slammed in my face. I tried to play the "but it's my birthday card" a few times.. it didn't work to say the least. Mr. Warner did make sure we celebrated with a sweet dinner at PF Changs that night. Our great friend Michael, and his papa Simon Hodson came and celebrated with us too. They serenaded me with their birthday toons, and it was fantastic. I'm 20 now. People still say that is young, and it's annoying, but its better than having the word "teen" at the end of your age. I can say that I don't feel any different. I have always felt like I'm 23 or 24, so maybe when those ages catch up to me I will start feeling my real age :)

Now that I have written half a novel, I will save the few readers that consume my words and hold off on all of my other thoughts until a later date.. Which won't be two weeks away. I can promise you that. I actually have started a list of what I want to talk about. There is so much. And this summer is going to be so great. 

>> Ry