Muir Woods Adventure

June 28, 2015

The Muir woods. The summer is a funny thing because 6 days of the week are hard. so hard. this job is an emotional roller coaster, and so rewarding on the good days. But then we have one day a week that we use to rejuvenate, to meditate, to re-group and find our selves again, and we have been lucky enough to live in a few places that are very giving in the adventure department. We can take one day and feel like we can escape and be in a different world for 24 hours before the madness starts again. This day was one of those. These woods are so beautiful. We felt like a brontosaurus was going to walk out from behind each tree we saw. It was so green, and welcoming. The smells and the sounds were so refreshing. and we went with some of our besties so that always makes everything better, right? After the woods we came across the small town of Stinson Beach and had ice cream cones while we soaked our feet in the wet sand. A dream of a day I tell you! Any sight that has tall mountains and the beach in one look is a dream though. Who am I kidding? I won't ever forget this magical day!


A Beach Day

Stinson Beach, CA was the cutest hidden town that we found the day we explored the Muir woods (more on that to come). It had baby blue colored life guard towers, was hardly crowded at all and since that day was abnormally cold and cloudy we ended up playing cards and people watching all day. But it was perfect, and my friends are perfect. My most favorite part was listening to the jurassic park theme song as we drove home thru the muir woods getting all nostalgic and stuff. it was a really great time. 


The Ferry Building

May 30, 2015

Continuing on with my summer catch-up, I couldn't forget to document one of the funnest days with my ladies. The ferry building is right on the pier overlooking the bay bridge and has the most quaint and welcoming ambiance ever. The building itself is blue (who doesn't love a blue building) and there is this beautiful clock tower that sits high above the surrounding trees. there is a farmers market there a couple times a week where we got the most delicious probiotic juice drink, and the yummiest homemade breakfast sandwiches. Inside are shops and shops and shops with food, food, and more food. It really is the best. (a nutella filled tonight kind of best). I loved this day!