We are HERE! (In california!!)

I'm heeeeerreee!! I am! I really really am haha. I have totally been a slacker lately, but that's not new considering the fact our lives have been crazy lately! We have had so much change happen in the past little while (all for the great) that I have totally put anything that has to do with anything besides spending time with Steve, figuring out our lives, and playing with family the last little while, on hold. Really if any of you are wondering, (this is mostly for our future reference to look back on) we are doing sooo great.

The past couple months have been a whirlwind of emotions with our work plans, our life plans, our future home plans. Everything has just been all over the place. But we are just in the best place right now! We are finally in California again for the summer and loving every second of that. I'm not knocking on people's doors this summer (more on that later), so I have been staying busy taking care of office working and hanging with my besties. I am so excited to be in the Bay Area again this summer. We have already been exploring a few times, and there is sooo much to do. Last summer it was just Steve and I, which was seriously so great. But now we are surrounded by some of our best friends and it is well, the best! For real. Today me and the girls trekked into the city and decided to take the bart. It was an adventure. Some moments waaaay scarier than others, but overall it was a success. And now we are pretty much pros and no what we are doing. We were there all day long and only took one pic, so that pretty much sums up the day. I'm excited to be documenting our lives again!

Here's to summer!

- and the freakin annoying as crap dog that lives next door that wont shut up - don't even get me started on that one

- and to the fact that I ate a box of chocolate covered bananas from Trader Joes for dinner. yup. it happened.