soft hearts & open minds

Steve & I have been so busy the past little while. With work, family, traveling, but despite our busy schedule, I have had quite a bit of time to think and let my mind wander about a few things. I am always, always, always thinking about what is going on in my life, things that I have done, what I haven't, what I should do, something I should have done different, scrolling through the list of relationships that I have in my life, those that are close to my heart, those that are more acquaintances. I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people in my life, especially with the job that Steve and & I have. With all of the people that I have come across in my life, whether they are family, close friends, child-hood neighbors, or recent introductions, every single on has come from a different walk of life, has different beliefs, standards, and values; but every single person that I have met has been incredibly special, interesting, amazing, and quite frankly awesome in their own way.

(As far as the people that slam their doors in my face - I'm sure that they are awesome too, they just aren't showing me that part of their lovely life).

Anywho, I think back to all of these people that I know personally, or that I know of, to our interactions, to those that have done me wrong, or to those that I wish I would have handled situations differently with and it opens my eyes to how incredibly special each person on this earth is. Each person has feelings, a soul, a family, a want, a need. We may know the things of this persons life, or we may not have an idea. Each person is a child of God who has worth, who is loved, and who has a purpose.

After reading a few articles online the past couple days, watching a few broadcasts, having insightful conversations with Steve, as well as really dialing in this wandering mind of mine, it has been more apparent to me than ever that no matter the person that I come across, they have incredible significance in this life. NO matter their beliefs, their interests, their values or standards, they deserve to be respected. NO matter what they have or haven't done to me, or you, or someone else, it is my (or yours, or the other persons) responsibility to care for that person in that moment. Whether it be with words, thoughts, feelings.

I want to make sure I am always showing kindness to those around me. Even when it may be really really really hard. Because believe me, I have had a some of those moments, and it IS really really really hard to put anger, disappointment, disagreeance behind you, but when you do, it changes everything.

To me it is hard and saddening to see people, children of God, regardless of their religion, social status, beliefs, or values, to treat one other with negative, hurtful, hateful comments. People who know each other, and more disturbingly, people who have never even met or heard of each other before. When communicating with others, let us not put our opinions aside or disregard our standards and beliefs, but learn how to respect and appreciate other with dignity and fairness. Let us not comment to create hurtful controversy. It IS possible to do both. One of my good friends Abi said it best, "We are here to love one another. We are here to bring one another unto Christ. We are commanded to be kind, to be good, to work together to create a world filled with hope. When we discuss these things on the internet or in real life, remember our Savior and do as He would."

I want to be the bigger person
I want to be the example
I want to be the kind one
I want to be the one that people can turn to when they need support, or trust.

To working towards soft hearts and open minds forever and always. Let's do it.

>>  Ry


watching babes

This past week I have been watching kiddies and lovin it. (most of the time) haha these are family kiddies that I love like my own children (or assume that I do because I don't know what the actual feeling of having a child is - but I think I have a pretty good idea considering all of the children that I have been around in my life and the different feelings of love and annoyance that come to me around these different children  - insert laughing face). Want to know what we have done? Take a look above, and read below.

- Ballet classes
- Singing lessons
- School drop-off and pickups
- Chick-fil-a dinners
- Orchestra concerts
- Science fairs (which bella won FIRST place in??)
- Ridiculous math homework
- Piano lessons
- Wiping baby boogers
- Wiping toddlers bums
- Baths
- Lots of bottle makings
- Monitor watching
- Bunnies & rabbits & fish
- Teeth brushing
- Thumb sucking & Downeast furniture loving
- Dog Washing
- Chipotle sofrita deals
- Sick husband
& - Lots of driving driving driving!

Its been great. & It's not even over! Although I have absolutely loved this time, I can't wait to sleep for 24 hours. And by now I really really want a raspberry dream from Swig. Any takers??

Want to hear some of the best indie talk over the past few days? Sometimes I wish that 4 year olds could talk the way they do forever. (then we would have grown men and women talking like 4 year olds - and I think that would make the world better) Enjoy.

[getting dressed in front of steve & I]
Indie - "It's okay if you see me naked, cause you are my brother & sister" 
(ooorrr your aunt and uncle, but that works too)

[putting on her swim suit that has a little rip in it]
Indie - Oh no, it has a small rip in it cause I am so big. It's okay though, it will fit me because I am four
(sometimes you just don't need to make sense)

[waiting for Bella to get out of school]
Me: Indie want to go feed the ducks?
Indie: No, i'm sorry but we can't do anything fun without bella, remember? She will be so sad
(and the conversation ends there because I was trying so hard not to lose my cool and bust out laughing)

[Just randomly]
Indie - "Bella, you are my best friend"

[After telling Indie about the stuffed badger at my mom's house]
Indie - "Can it kill you?"

[The I love you more argument we had in the kitchen]
Me - I love you Indie
Indie - I love you more! 
Me - I love you more than the whole universe!
Indie - I love you more than the whole sky!
(good come back darling)

sometimes I am literally baffled at how incredibly smart she is. How such a young little mind can be so pro at critical thinking. Really every single word that comes out of her mouth is so adorable. And now Trey & Jami are home and I am literally having withdrawals from my favorite girls. I miss those chubba cheeks. But I'll see them tomorrow so all is well.

To a few more sister days before I head to california! Cheers!



Welcome 2015!

It's only customary that I post about the new year when the first month of it is almost over, right?? I have been through a little writing blockage the past few weeks, thinking about journaling, getting thoughts in my mind out in words, and then I get bloggers cold feet for a little bit and avoid it all together. whatevs.

I can't believe this year is already here! When I look back at 2014, I can't help but be grateful for a year full of amazing adventure, trials, learning, & growth with my most favorite human. This life really is a gift to me, and I love every second of change that it brings! (change really actually gives me a lot of anxiety when it's first happening, and then there is this point where I'm okay and I can handle things again haha).

We have been back and forth from california twice (nothing new there), we have spent tons of time with our families, celebrated birthdays, have had tons of work meetings, watched little kiddos, i've taken pictures with lovely ladies (hopefully posting those soon), and we have been designing our HOUSE (ahhhh)!!! I know that last time I updated on that part of our lives, it was a while ago, and all I can say is that A LOT has changed. All in amazing ways though! Which is beautiful! That whole situation deserves it's own home in a post so we will leave that for later.

I'm dedicating this to a happy, healthy, adventurous, changing 2015, and i CAN'T WAIT!


>> Ry