Just Thinking

/ I just ate another box of chocolate covered bananas in 24 hours. And I'm still buying World Market Bundaberg ginger beer in 10 packs. #shiz (P.S. I just became a "World Market Explorer" and have two ten percent off coupons.. ahhh I can't wait to use them. if you want some too, go here

/ Sometimes I have no sense of time and play/teach myself how to work photoshop for four hours a day. then I lose patience and get frustrated and go walk around Target. Man that thing is amazing though. Can't wait to get better at it. 

/ I still have the goal of starting (and finishing) a book before the end of the summer and the new semester starts. Just bought the book - Escape by Carolyn Jessop - A M A Z I N G. Can we talk about how crazy?? I need some other creepily obsessed lovers of this book to chat with about it.. Lemme know.

/ I'm becoming addicted to 24. Started watching the first season a couple days ago and can get over how they only show an hour each episode. kiillllling me I tell you. Good thing I have an endless amount to watch. jumping on the band wagon a little late. oops. 

/ I'm convinced by body is working against me in every way possible. something new hurts every day I swear. it's whatever though. just gives me an excuse to sit in the sun at the pool and not have to work out. and makes me grateful for chiropractors (the one I found is bomb by the way). and ice packs. 

/ Sometimes I remember how much I miss having couple friends. And being able to hang with girls. Good things my husband is the raddest and makes me feel good about myself and makes me laugh and tells me my cooking rocks.  (I made homemade mac and cheese the other night, and am becoming a professional at the grill.. in mr. warner's eyes at least. and that's all that matters, right? maybe I'll post about food one of these days). 

/I can't wait to have a house.

/If I have regulars that read this blog (which if you are - I looove you - and will track you down and make you a really yummy dinner and brownies with coconut oil, so let me know) sorry about the constant change of design - we are playing around with ry diaries right now. {and would love input if there is any :)} 

/Oh and me and Steve want to get a dog. really bad. Medium sized, doesn't shed, playful, basically the perfect kind of dog. Any suggestions? please? 

/I can't believe that July is over. August is here. And this summer has gone by faster than any other. Soon steve and I will be away from each other for like a month and I am not really looking forward to it. 

/If anyone has any suggestions on getting rid of fruit flies, please send them my way. I swear these little buggers reproduce faster than the blink of an eye and I'm about to go crazy. 

Thats all. 

> Ry



Half Moon Bay, Ca. 

Our spontaneous summer continues. This past weekend we drove to the quaint little city of half moon bay. We walked two miles {starved} to the beach and we were so hungry/delirious/excited to be in a new place that everything was funny and we had to take breaks on the sidewalk because our legs hurt from walking. You'd think we would be used to that by now considering the fact that that is all we do all day long, but I guess not. HMB (Half Moon Bay) really is such a beautiful place. It wasn't quite what we expected - we were thinking it would be more of a beach city like santa cruz, or huntington, and boy were we wrong haha. There were some shops on main street, (that my grandma would probably adore) and quite frankly all we wanted to do was eat so we didn't even do much exploring. We settled on a hole-in-the-wall indian place that was seriously so amazing. It was one of those, "I'm so hungry I can't even think and probably can't walk a step further and this place is just around the block and we want to sit down to eat (obviously) and we don't even know if we like indian food, sooo let's go"

That's the conversation we both had in our heads - didn't really make sense, but it worked. and this indian place was so good we didn't even know what to think. It made me love indian food forever. This place was actually in a house and I was a little sketched but it all worked out. 

One of my favorite parts of this weeks adventure was the drive. OHHH the drive. We drove through fields of Christmas tree farms and the smell? oh it was heavenly. heavenly heavenly heavenly. 

I love my life. and my guy. and our relationship. and how he can make me laugh even when i'm super mad at him. random love chant over. 

>> Ry


The City Vol. 2 - The Lewis Family

This is one my most favorite little families. Jord and Mal are some of our best friends, and considering the fact that our daughters are going to have the same name, it will stay that way. Soak in their beauty. (Also, Norah makes me want a little babe RIGHT NOW. Is she not scrumptious?)



my guy

We celebrated this guys life this weekend! July 19th is one of my most favorite days of the year. Words really cant describe how much he means to me. He has blessed so many lives. And continues to do so every day. He is the most amazing Christ-like example and never ceases to keep me from laughing. Yesterday I made him play hooky from work and go to the celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe with some friends. We went to a bbq and saw planet of the apes to celebrate. Movies and food - two of his most favorite things :) 

Thank you for coming to this earth Mr. Warner! You are loved. 


The City Vol. 1

I'm falling more in love with this city every single day. (and my husband... who am I kiddin?) Last weekend Steve and I stayed in San Francisco in the most amazing hotel (the Westin St. Francis - basically on union square. Which had the coolest vibe. It's one of the older hotels but is still kept so nice and it incredibly fancy. they had spiral stairs going from floor to floor and the bathrooms were completely covered in white marble. It was a dream) with some of our closest friends. It was just a good, good time. We hung out on Fisherman's wharf, downed some Ghirardelli chocolate, and actually stayed warm while we took pictures in front of the Golden Gate Bridge! (insert crazy face - cause that never happens). We stayed up until the wee hours playing cards and having pillow fights (yes, you read that right - we acted like 12 year olds and it was awesome. That's when you know you have rad friends.) We woke up early and went to the most delicious breakfast at sears right next to the hotel. Go there next time you are in the city. You can't go wrong with the eggs benedict. I stepped foot in my first Zara store and was in love. (Thanks Shelb for your insipration). Good thing there isn't one in Utah or I'd buy the store. Not really but I'd like to. 

Our lives are amazing. This summer is amazing. I promise we do work {sometimes}. 


Summer Dress Series 2

I've talked about how much I love being comfortable in what I wear many, many times. And this has no exception! I've become very fond of sweater dresses the past little while. You can dress them up, or down, and still feel pretty and cozy. I styled mine with some dressier booties, and really comfy thrifted ones as well (amazing deal by the way - those black babies were a thrifting miracle!).

P.S. This should probably be an ad for Target considering the fact that store is plastered on my body with this outfit. And another thing, both the boots, and the dress are on clearance right now!! Run. 

Grey Sweater Dress - Target
Black Booties - Thrifted
White Booties - Target

Stay tuned for some more sweater dress loving soon!



Capitola Vol. 1

Capitola is the most perfect little beach town just south of Santa Cruz here in California. I have already said a few words about this place in previous posts, but I seriously just can't get enough of it. It is probably one of my most favorite vacations. It's one of those places where your beach house is literally across the street from the beach, as well as across the street from every cute little shop and boutique you can think of. Oh and if being a hop, skip, and jump away from the beach isn't enough, this sweet little abode has it's own little park with a dock right next to the most beautiful river that you ever did see. Complete with mini sails and paddle boarding. See I told you. It's heaven. Literally. I love it so much. I can't wait to continue to take little trips there. Over the weekend we went and stayed a couple days with my family out in Capitola while they were visiting and had the most perfect day. The pictures explain what our adventures consisted of better than I could. Enjoy. 

(P.S. we are looking for couples friends to assist us in our next Capitola adventure. If you wanna have a great, sunny time, bunk for free, and have endless amounts of comic relief, let me know. - Dance parties may be an extra fee, but that can be negotiated.)