The first house - Barstools edition

Sooo, as I announced in my last post, WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE!! It is seriously the most surreal, lovely, stressful thing. My thoughts? Taxes suck (you are probably wondering how that applies to buying a house - it does). I think I decided on the all white banister after going back and forth and considering painting the stained wood myself after we move in.. it was a long thought process, I finally came to the conclusion that I am gonna stick with my gut, and what I love (and searched for on Pinterest for the past two weeks) and go with the white countertops. Heaven bless my sweet designer Natasha for her patience and help through this whole process! I'm sure she thinks i'm a nut case.

Steve and I literally have NOTHING (I'm talking furniture/decor) to go into a house. Okay, I lie, we have a few things, but nothing that is going to work. We have two tiny Ikea couches that literally feel like you are sitting on cardboard, we have a bed, we have a dresser and two nightstands that I don't love at all, we have a hand-me-down table and chairs from my grandma that is like 50 years old, so you know.. basically nothing. The search is on!! I have been hounding KSL, and every other online site you can think of that has great stuff that won't totally break the bank. But who in the good world knew that barstools would be so gosh dang expensive?? REALLY? It is my biggest hardship right now (yes, my life is that amazing at this point in time). I need help!! These are my favorites. And some of the cheapest that I have found. Help me decide please. (links below)

one | two

cheers to the home building journey!



confessions of a wanna-be rockstar

I'm heeeerreee!

Hi Friends!! This morning I had the urge to pause from my lovely, busy life for a minute and record what Mr. Warner and I have been up to lately.

First, so, my sister is a rock star. Like Legitimately. A couple weeks ago blaces (the blue aces - sister's band - it's the new nickname) opened for Neon Trees and played in front of like 15 THOUSAND people. (above picture) WHO DOES THAT??? A famous person. We were talking about when the band first got together and were covering jonas brothers songs and i was backup on the keyboard. HAHAHA. The girlfriends have been together since fifth grade, all taught themselves how to play their instruments, and are basically awesome. I can't disclose all that is going on with them right now, but just know that you probably want to get to know them and be on the "in" crowd within the next couple months or you'll miss out on VIP passes and the life of awesome roadie luxury (like being able to eat healthy steak and vegetables, having a vending machine of food all to yourself, free meet and greets, and getting free chap stick and shirts while you listen to bands play below you). I'm telling ya. It's the life. And even though my sister is sort of living my dreams, I am like way happier stuffing my face backstage and giving moral support than worrying about my long beautiful hair getting stuck in my bass strings and having to have a dance party without looking like an idiot on a stage in front of 15 thousand people. Ya. that's her life. So cool, right?

Other things?

//Fall is awesome and I want to go camping.

// I read an article that said that running to much makes you fat, so that pretty much made my life.

// School is cool right now and I just found out I only have like 8 classes left before I graduate (HOLLA!!). So exciting but then I'm kinda freaking out cause Steve and I have been throwing the idea around of having babies when I finish school and now I feel like that is just way too soon and it makes me have anxiety - So I might like double major so I have to go to school for another two years. ya right.

//Even though the above comment, I am still as hopped up on "baby craving" as a woman can be. I have a new cousin (#babygleo - still can't decide on a name) and he is heavenly and really actually makes me want one. Shiz.

// STEVE AND I ARE BUILDING A HOUSE! say whhhat?? My dreams are coming true. Right now it looks like a pile of dirt (because it is a pile of dirt), but that'll change soon. Who flippin knew it was so incredibly hard to pick out a freaking counter top color and decide between white or dark wood banisters? Not this lady. Pray for me please.

Who are we all kidding? We knew this post was going to turn into a list of some sorts sooner or later.

Want advice on having a rad life and being as happy as ever? Contact me.

Yup, that's it.



home and fun things

I feel like I have sort of caught up on our lives the past months, but then again I don't. September was sort of a blur. I would fly out to California every weekend for 5 days, then fly back during the week to go to school, I flew on more airplanes in one month than I probably have in my entire life (might be an exaggeration, might not be), and I lived off of eating out for every meal (which totally isn't awesome.. don't even get me started). Steve and I seriously pushed ourselves to wits end finishing this summer. When we drove back to Utah together (a whole 5 days ago), it was like angels where welcoming us back to the blessed state we like to call home. SOO nice I tell you.

We have been going at life hard the past week packing, unpacking, moving things around, putting things in storage, trying to figure out what we are doing... haha but it is so awesome. Steve and I make each other laugh at every turn in life and it is just the best. I have been feeling sort of frustrated, worried, stressed (all those sorts of feelings that make you want to go for a run but eat a whole pan of brownies by yourself at the same time?), for the past week or so, but I am reminded every day that sometimes no plan is better than any plan a person could have in their life. And let me tell you people, Steve and I have the most amazing family anyone could every ask for. My sister in law is my best friend who lets me yell in frustration at people and then gives me a gallon of ice cream to eat, my mom makes us homemade meals and gives us food like we are homeless, starving, college students who don't know how to cook (wait, we are), Steve's brother and his wife are letting us stay with them for a couple months while we find a place to own, and I can't even handle all of the good stuff I am learning in school right now that is going to help me through the rest of my life (probably never heard a student say that, huh?). Anyway. We are just blessed. And I just have to remember that that is what it comes down to. When I just focus on the little things sometimes, it helps remember that the big stuff will fall into place.

Okay. I'm off my quick second soap box now. Want to see what we have done this past month?? (WARNING - I am still on my kick of low quality iPhone pictures on the blog. It'll be over soon. I hope.)

We took a break one night and went to watch our beloved dodgers against the san francisco giants! It was the first time that we had been to a game just us two. We had so much fun! We stuffed our faces with dodger dogs and I bought my first dodger jersey! I guess you could say that I am a true fan at this point.

We picked up all of our prizes from the summer and racked in some awesome stuff! Hard work pays off. Now we have to get another bike so we can start biking and feeling like we are awesome at doing outdoor things. 

And to top off the fun events, I went to Lagoon with some family last night for the Vivint year end partay!! Vivint is pretty awesome at doing cool stuff for their employees. Last year they brought Imagine Dragons to town, and this year they rented out Lagoon for two nights. Mr. Warner didn't come cause those kinds of rides make him sick and he would have been miserable. So sisters, brother, dad, and michele all came. The dinner was gross (lagoon food), we laughed, we cried, we had to stop on the side of the freeway on the way home to throw up, it was basically great. 

Cheers to beautiful lives!