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>>Sometimes I feel like I'm pregnant I crave burgers and fries so much. I'm not
We watch our nieces and nephews sometimes. Indie doesn't like to eat dinner when we are there<<
>>Welcomed to work with  this one morning. Thought I wasn't gonna have to stay. Negative.
My husband likes to take pictures of himself on my phone. Black mail. Cute black mail.<<
>>Date night with handsome husband. Gosh I'm lucky to have him.
Kennan is home from serving the people of France. We love him.<<
>>Guava cake. I may or may have not eaten 4 pieces in one night. This will be the death of me.
Cravings fulfilled. (refer to picture number 1). We are married and do what we want.<< 
>>Heaven help our poor children. I'm glad I'm a woman and Mr. is a man.
My husband likes taking pictures of pictures. Exhibit A of brother Danny<<
>>Refer to above, exhibit B of our beautiful niece and nephews. I could eat them up. 
Refer to previous two, exhibit C of little husband and sister Haley. I want that hat<<
>>I teach five year olds at church and they are the funniest. Husband comes with me sometimes.
He wants kids more than he knows. Babies love Mr. Warner, especially Indie during cozy time<<
>>We like to wrestle and make crazy faces. This was right before our late night burger cravings run
Husband on his way to California  to be a slinger. He rocks my sock and I miss him.<<

I figured that this would be the best way to update fellow readers because I've been about the worst at updating this thing lately! I feel that insta attacks will show up regularly on here. I'm on spring break this week.. which is such a nice break. My days are consumed with work and figuring out what to do with myself because Mr. Warner is gone making the big bucks in bakersfield (try saying that one ten times fast???). I love him for doing it. But I love it more when we are together. Sunday at 4 pm can't come fast enough. I'm going to make myself go to the gym, and try not to eat chocolate covered peanuts.