Sister time

Mr. Warner and I have been away from our families for a little over 2 months now. We love it here in California, and love that we have some of our family here with us, buuuutttt.... I am missin my sisters!!! Mckenna is flying here tomorrow night to spend about a week here with us, and I cannot wait... I am seriously so excited. I am excited to show her around town, go to the beach with her, have her knock with me and see what I do everyday... It is going to be a blast. If only the rest of the family could come with!!!

It's funny to think back to like three years ago, when I was about to leave high school, Ken was the annoying little sister who always stole my clothes and wouldn't clean the bathroom, etc. etc. And now I am like a giddy child (or adult) waiting in line to enter Disneyland or something. I CAN'T wait for here to get here. There will probably be an overload of instagram pictures, and of course a novel of how our time together went.

We love each other.

PS.. the summer is half way over... what the crap??? I'm realizing how fast these days are going by and it's freaking me out. Here is to taking advantage of every single second I have of this amazing opportunity!!! Catch ya on the flip side.



We Love Sun

Yesterday was our first {and last} day this entire summer that we had the ENTIRE day off. As an office we sold over 200 accounts, and were rewarded a beach day. It was seriously needed, and seriously the best. We woke in the early hours and then headed down to Laguna Beach were we gained territory with the rest of the amazing friends and family that we are surrounded by out here. Volleyball tournaments and running from the waves were some of my favorite parts, not to mention the food. Oh my… the food. We ate like three different lunches yesterday. We just kept finding place after place that was delicious, and didn't break the bank either!! Score! The shops there are amazing, all little and have treasures galore.. And I do have to say that the small streets and crazy nice cars gave me LC and The Hills withdrawals.

I decided I'm gonna start watching those shows again. ha. We will see how long that lasts. Look at how fun our day was though..

(See that orangish bag with the fun triangle design and colored stripes ^^^^^ on the front? I was dying… I couldn't justify paying that much money for one bag though. And the lady wasn't very impressive with her negotiating/sales skills so it was a no go. Heaven help me find one like it again in my lifetime!!)

One of our many lunches. Best burger place. It was so good that I don't even remember what it was called. The White House maybe? 

We love you long time Laguna. Be back soon.

Side note || I have the gnarliest sunburn on my legs and shoulders and back. Literally kills. Solarcaine is my best friend right now. I have finally come to the conclusion that my body isn't like my 9 year old sisters, and doesn't just get brown when I step in the sun. I actually have to use sunscreen and be careful about tanning. yeesssss.

>> Ry



Days where we honor those who have taught us all we know are always my favorite. Today being Father's Day... I am especially grateful for the examples that Steve and I have had and continue to have in our lives. Just look at their faces.

The best way to put it is that we love you, and are beyond words grateful for you, and all that you do for us. We will never be able to get enough of you!!! 

 Happy dad's day. Go Papas. 

>> Ry


I can't even count the number of times over the past two weeks that I grab my computer, sit down on the couch, planning to tell the world (or more realistically my mom and sisters - since they are about the only ones who read this thing) all about my crappy or awesome day, the things that we do out here in the "cooc", how awesome I felt for making a real dinner for Mr. Warner and I because normally in-n-out is our fancy for the late night meal.... on and on and on.

But that is the thing... I just sit there... ha and think about it. I'm stuck. I end up catching up on other lovely reads that I adore, and then it dawns on me that what I have to write about probably isn't that cool to other people. I got sucked into the epitome of the blogging world. You know, being worried about what others are going to think of what you write, how no one cares... etc.

Then this morning I realized that DUH Sariah.... You didn't start this thing to try and live up to the thoughts of others, you started this for YOU! To remember the events and journeys that you go through, to let your feelings out.. etc. I had to remind myself that this is like my glorified journal. For me. (Maybe those of you out there who can get something out of it too) And then I was able to sit down and gather my thoughts and remember what I want to say on this thing anyway.

So wanna know one awesome thing that husband and I did last weekend loved???? Well I wanna tell you.

I'm sure that I have mentioned before how Sunday's are literally the most blessed day in the entire week. Literally. We have the day all to ourselves. This past Sunday we treked to Newport Beach with some of the amazing people we are surrounded by out here and it was a blast. We walked, listened to the waves crash on this fun, rocky boardwalk, and loved our lives. Take a peek.

What a day.