Hello again! Mr. Warner and I decided to be free spirited and take a little unplanned trip back home to Utah. It was seriously so great. And so needed. We saw all of our family that we love so much, and spent most of our time (like seriously 4 full days) walking through dreamy model homes that are way out of our budget, but then also finding the most perfect little layouts for our future (we are talking like near, near future) humble abode. It made me SO excited. I don't even think you understand how excited it got me. Realizing that our goal of buying a house is actually here.. and becoming more of a reality than ever. It made me so excited to be able to have a place to make our own. Having that trip, realizing what we need to do to buy that house at the end of this summer is just making me want to work as hard as I possibly can to be a part of our dream. It's so exciting you guys!! AHHH! 

One of the other main reasons we went back was to go to Steve's best friends wedding. We both went to high school with the sweet couple and it was so much fun catching up with all of our friends and being a part of that special time in Brayden and Carly's lives. I soaked in as much cuddle time with our new niece Izzy as I could, and planned on taking way more pictures than I did. (oh, well). I did manage to pull out the camera when we went to the Arts Festival in Salt Lake and tried to document our time there. We watched my sweet sister dance, and had some yummy, yummy food. It was great. Steve hasn't been home for more than a few days during summer time in utah in like 5 years.. we forgot the amazing summer vibe that utah gives off. We sure did miss that place. 

But now we are ready to kick our on a**'s and finish the summer strong! I'll make dinner for you all in our new kitchen (insert excited emoji here) Here is our trip in pictures: 

Utah summers. and I love that guy sitting right there ^^^. 



heeey utah.

I'll be MIA on here for the next little bit. You probably would be too if you were visiting that gorgeous place above! (am i right, or am i right?) Mr. Warner and I are practicing spontaneity at it's finest, and man, I couldn't be happier.

Follow our adventures this week insta style.



thoughts on grocery stores

I'm obsessed with shopping. but i should probably clarify.. window shopping is something I have a problem with. whether it is online, or in person. Doesn't sound too horrible right? I mean I don't spend tons of money.. but I create deep, heartfelt relationships with grocery stores depending on the vibe they give me. Stupid. I know. But I have seen my fair share of these large buildings that we sometimes depend on in life. whether it be having to pee my brains out in the middle of the day while knocking, defeating my boredom by walking down the furniture and decor isles, or just trying to get something healthy for dinner, I get to know my grocery stores. And considering the fact we have moved quite a bit in our 'almost' two years of marriage i've been able to grace my presence at more Raley's, Winco's, Target's, Walmart's, Ralphs', Harmons', Fresh n Easy's, Sprouts', Whole Foods' (and don't forget Walgreens or Rite Aid) than you can think of.

Anywho, I am sort of getting sick of going to five different stores to get everything I need and still get the satisfaction of that "grocery store" vibe every wanna be house wife and aspiring mama need.

Someone build me a grocery store that is as nice as, harmons, with the quality of food like Sprouts and Whole foods, with the prices of maceys and smiths, that has bundaberg's ginger beer, along with trader joes chocolate covered bananas and kettle corn, but that I can get shoes at after I get bored looking through produce like target. Thanks.



Adventure Folsom Style

One of Mr. Warner's best friends is doing an internship here in California, and is living like 2 hours away from us. After knocking our little hearts out this weekend, we decided to go and give him and his aunt and uncle a little visit! They live just outside of Sacramento in Folsom, Ca. and I love it there. And them. They are some of the sweetest people I have ever met and we could probably consider them family at this point.

We had a few native tour guides on our trip to folsom that made our sweet little two day trip. We saw (almost) all there was to see and obviously I had my camera clicking the entire time. LOVE it up there. The homes are beautiful, the lakes are beautiful. just beautiful beautiful. We saw the sun go down as we over looked this beautiful golf course and it was breathtaking. Not to mention downtown folsom with all of the adorable, vintagey shops you can think of. I was head over heals for this place! I wish we could have stayed longer to look through all of the shops and what not, but from what we saw, we know we will be back. Oh, and you know good ol' Johnny Cash? Like Walk The Line, Johnny Cash? Ya we went and visited the old folsom prison and it felt cool. Like just knowing that J.C. played there, graced his presence and what not. And maybe the fact that we were like ten feet away from the guards who were keeping bad guys in the prison. {insert a kinda scared face here} It was awesome though. So much history in that place. We watched walk the line the line the night before we visited too, so it was a good refresher. I have such a love hate relationship with that man. Okay I'll stop now and you can just see for yourself. 

We had a lovely father's day bbq, and even though we weren't able to be with our pops to celebrate their existence, I felt just as much love for them as ever. Really all the men in my life that have taught me what a true father, priesthood holder, and example is. Especially my guy. I have the best partner in crime, and personal comedian that has ever touched this earth, and I can already see the love that he is going to have for our children when it's time to bring some sweet spirits into this world. I'm grateful for him. 

There are two VERY different feels between southern california, and northern california... and I always thought that our warn head hearts would be owned by that lovely, sunny beachiness forever.. but after these past few months here up north, that might be changing :/ say whhaatt?? It is so green here, and the sights are to die for. Like it is getting to the point where it might be considered dangerous for me to drive because I can't keep my head from swiveling back and forth at all there is to see. It's a problem and I'm trying to get better. haha 

>> Ry



   one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

Summer is now (obviously) in full swing, and I am in dire need of a new swimsuit. These are some of the glorious water outfit - swimsuits make a fashion statement, don't they? -  I have come across the past little while, and being the indecisive person that I am... there is no way that I am going to come to a conclusion on these beauties. And can we talk about how the peplum on number four can be removed? Genius I tell you.  Considering the fact that all of these would basically break the bank and eliminate any kind of "furniture" money that I would have for our new house, it probably isn't gonna happen. But hey, thinking about it makes me feel better! So we will count on that for right now. 

What's your favorite? I need opinions here peeps! 



San Fran. Again.

So this past weekend as I was flying home from Utah, my sweet, new friend from out here in california just happened to be on my same flight! And we just happened to be by each other in security - Which was incredibly busy and we almost thought we were going to miss our flight might I add.... She let me pre-board with her because she had her adorable little babe. It rocked. I felt like a celebrity walking past all of those people in line. maybe i'll have a baby just to be able to pre-board. Just kidding.

They still live in Fresno, but were flying to oakland to explore san fran for the day! Long story short, so were Steve and I. So we meshed our plans and it was awesome. I was so happy to have her and her sweet baby Ry (can we talk about how we have the same nick name?) on the plane with me. We were able to chat, get to know each other better, all that good stuff. It was a blessing. Meant to be. We had so much fun spending the day with Landon, Shelby, and Ry. If only we could all live closer! 

(Just so you all know. Shelby is incredibly talented at everything. I'm convinced. Go check out her blog here, and swoon over her life, cute style, and the pictures she takes. Pure talent I tell you. I'm hoping she will teach me some of her ways.) 

Our day trip consisted of in-n-out (does it surprise you?), and a little stroll along our most favorite pier. Then we went and visited the painted ladies (full-house lovers for life), and mrs. Doubtfire's house! On our way to try and see the Golden Gate Bridge, the fog took over and we were just in clouds the whole time. It was a bummer. It was a cool idea though! haha We also found this sweet little oasis town that had the most photogenic mountains and sailboats.. ahh it was just beautiful. I love where we live. 



Last weekend was a great one. 

I went home and saw almost all of my spectacular family and had the most refreshing time. I spent a whole day with my sweet mama filled with yoga, rawtopia, whole foods, and shopping. (literally refreshing, I told you). The yoga class that I went to was so needed. Before we left for the summer I did yoga on a regular basis at 3b, like 5 minutes away from where we lived, and I have missed it so much since we left. I always forget how much it helps me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Let's not forget to mention how eating lunch at rawtopia helped me physically, mentally, AND emotionally as well. Holy cow face that place is delicious. Seriously. All raw, vegan, gluten free goodness that is so incredibly healthy for you and has that same incredible taste. You can basically feel the health pouring into your body. I'm not even kidding. If you are ever in Sugar House. you HAVE to try it. I felt like I could conquer the world when my mom and I left that place. 

Side note: I drank the most delicious chocolate milk from whole foods while I was in Utah. I don't even remember what brand it was. But it was amazing. Considering the fact I HATE milk, like loathe and don't even put it with my cereal (rice milk all the way baby), I got super stoked when I started craving that creamy stuff. I obviously had to go the route of chocolate though. Just to stay safe. And you bet I'll be making a trip to our nearest whole foods to get some of that goodness again. 

The main reason I booked this trip was to see Mckenna graduate! She left Orem High with honors upon honors and I was so happy to be able to see her complete that phase of her life! She is way smarter than me. And more talented. But I'm grateful for it. 

P.S. I forgot how long those dang things are. 3 hours?? I was dying by the end. Hunger Pangs to the max, and when the Petty girls get Hangry... you don't even wanna know. 

I also had a 4.5 hour massage. Ya. you read that right. four and a half flipping hours! I have the most amazing massage therapist. I don't even know why she did that for me, but we did realize that my body was (is) a lot more messed up than we thought it would be. 

And whats a trip home without hours and hours with the BFF? It was so good to be able to vent and eat ice cream without feeling horrible again. And that electro dash run was awesome too. Still miss you Hales. 

And my mom made me a rice bag out of flax seed. She put lavender in it and it reminds me of her. She is awesome. 

Here is my trip in pictures! (I was having so much fun I didn't even think to take out my good camera except for Ken's graduation. Crappy iPhone pics will have to do). 

Our pool is open now. Here is to hoping I get a tan this summer! Wohoo!

>> Ry