1. I fell asleep to him reading this book in Portuguese last night. That language makes me fall in love with him even more.

2. Tonight we came home from dinner and wrote down 10 questions that we have always wanted to ask each other. Some of them momentous, and others not so intense.
It was so great.
We laughed.
A lot.
And also realized that we could have probably guessed  a lot of the answers the other was going to give.

 I love getting to know this man more and more everyday.
and fall in love with him more and more everyday.

(photo cred: high school senior pictures... what a babe)
side note: I painted my nails black last night... and they are already chipping.. I'm not the smartest thing when it comes to this nail stuff. Help?
I don't know how I feel about this.


These Kids

Ever seen the movie Madeline? The circus part? It always kinda freaked me out (do watch it though, one of my favorite movies. When I was in jr. high it reminded me of how much I really did - don't worry, I still do - love my sisters. Those girls are tight with each other! It's awesome). I went a few years back and graced my presence at the Jordan world circus; I wasn't afraid of getting kidnapped, or having a clown bite my head off, so I figured it would be safe to take these nuggets. 

Meet Tessa the Monkey, Bella the … (shy giraffe?) and Chase the lion. These are a few of the nicest wild beasts you'll ever meet. And they don't bite real hard either. {unless they REALLY want cotton candy, or REALLY want to ride the elephant, and the camel, and the donkeys, and get their face painted, and jump in the bouncy house}

My two favorite acts this time?

These dogs were the best… they wouldn't listen to those trainers for the life of them. At one point, I was a little nervous that this whole thing was going to go haywire… the pups were marking their territory all over the place… and it was getting a little out of hand (not just number one people, it was the good stuff too). 

And that weird thing on the right? That's a person. She moved her body in ways that I never thought possible.

These kids are my favorite. I love them. I promised them that next year we would stay for the whole thing and not leave during the intermission… (it was 9:30! What circus goes until 11pm?? I was tired, and outta there. These little babes were too, they just didn't know it yet). 

PS!!!!! I have been married to the love of my life for 5 months today!! I know, we are cute little newlyweds. We love each other. And we don't care who knows it. I'm going to be celebrating my life with him this weekend, because every day is special and deserves some recognition and hullabaloo in some way. We'll be Gettin' crazy up in here! (I can't wait to find out what our ten year anniversary has in store) Woooo! Thanks for the best 5 months ever Mr. Warner. Let's keep on keepin' on. 

>> Ry 


Freeze this rain

picture this:

Walk out of my apartment, down the covered stairs, and think to myself "Oh look, it's raining! Pretty."

Take a few steps onto the side walk. Foot slides a little "Woah, that was a close one, kinda slippery up in here."

Put the tip of my following foot on the step below, arms in the air, mouth in awe, purse flies, butt on ground.

"Hurry Sariah, stand up before anyone see's you."

"Ouch, that kinda hurt"

"Crap, now my pants, AND my coat are soaking wet. This is going to be great walking into work."

Composure gained, and I try to walk like a penguin to save my soul from the deadly stuff under my feet. The parking garage comes... "Take it easy, this is kind of steep, and there is probably ice."

I try, one litte step, almost lost it. "Woah that was a close one, Sariah, get yourself together here."

Decide that maybe if I try to lean up against the cement wall, it may assist me. Not happenin'

"Okay, you have to get down to your car sooner or later. Just go for it."

I go for it. 10 feet downhill of skate slidding, in my converse, arms waving in the rain, and then I finally hit dry ground.

Turned around and looked at the adventure I had trying to leave for the gosh dang day, and laughed, and smiled to myself, and called my love to warn him of the business that this weather was trying to trick us with.

It made me feel better that he did the same thing taking the trash out.

Watch your bums out there people, It's a war.

{On a lighter note, I have a new nugget in my life as of Monday. Tommy. Haven't seen him yet since he's the biggest little (just go with it) fighter in the universe and is almost done dominating some sickies in the NICU, but I already love him. Thank's for the new nephew brother Scott and sister Mickell. I took some other littles to the circus last night. You'll die at the amazing time we had. It'll be worth the wait}


This Incident

I was left with a quiet, lonely, and demure place to sleep this weekend. My love left for a business trip to California... let's just say I didn't know what to do with myself. This was the first time we had been apart since we got married.. and quite frankly I was terrified. Want to know how much I love this kid?

Be amused by this:

>I didn't want to be at our apartment because it reminded me too much of him.
>He left me a note and when I read it, I cried.
>I cried when I looked at his side of the bed and realized it would be empty.
>I wanted to start crying when I took out the trash because that is what he usually does (and no people, I wasn't crying because I HAD to take out the trash... It was obviously because Mr. Warner wasn't there to do so).
>I ate chocolate covered almonds, and watched The Bachelor AND Baby Mama in one night.
>I went to the gym for 2 hours because I didn't know what else to do with myself.
>I re-locked the door 3 times just to make sure I got it right.

I finally figured out that I could be a normal human being without my husband by my side, and it was cool. 

When he got home? 

>I wouldn't let him out of my arms.
>I missed cooking for him so I made him a meal at 10pm.
>I actually stayed up and watched a WHOLE movie with him {rather than falling asleep during the previews}.
>I cleaned the whole apartment {twice}, and rewashed the dishes {twice}.
>Kissed his face a lot.
>Was basically more giddy than a 5 year old on Christmas.

and of course a welcome home isn't complete without a love letter. 

I missed you… a lot.


Wanna know what?

School has started for Mr. and I, and this is how I feel about life as of late:

          1. love getting to write my name as Sariah Warner every day
          2. I still get confused that I have a new name sometimes, and so I have a lot of scribbles on my papers
          3. It's back to the life of seeing my love for two hours tops on Tuesdays and Thursdays
          4. 1 o'clock church. Never thought I would protest sleeping in, but I guess I love my naps more
          5. I {try to} cook 2 meals at a time so that Mr. has something to eat on the days that dinner is at 9pm
          6. Comcast is the worst. Missed week 2 of Bachelor because of them.
          7. My Marriage and Relationships class is teaching me how to be a better person - a blessing
          8. For number seven, refer to previous post
          9. I agree with this smart lady. Way to say it darling, way to say it
         10. My man is the coolest. And makes me laugh a lot
         11. My sweet mama got married last weekend, and I didn't take one picture
         12. It takes a lot of self control to not drink Diet Coke or eat chocolate
         13. It's not cool when water pipes freeze
         14. I want to learn how to make gluten free bread because the store bought stuff could make me puke
         15. This is going to be a great semester, and I think my life is beautiful

Happy Wednesday All! Maybe one of these days my blog will become not so boring. I'll probably need help with that... anyone want to take on the project?



Hear Me Out

Disclaimer: This one is full of words... Just a heads up.

This post as been on the tip of my tongue, fingertips, in the back of my brain {however you want to explain it} for days now. Actually, more like weeks.. Contemplating if I want to step into the ball field that I'm about to. I've been trying to stay away from the blog that is all about my dramatic feelings, everyday sob stories, etc. But then I realized that I was kind of lying by thinking I should avoid that. Not only being deceitful to whoever reads this thing, but most importantly, not being honest with myself. Let's be for real here people, By just giving the weekend updates of how great our holidays were doesn't nearly sum up the lives of my Mr. and I. This post may be so irrelevant, I guess it could kind of be an introduction to the real 'squared'. 

 Maybe the best way to put it is that our lives will no longer be surfaced on this sweet thing {GASP}. I know, intense, right? But really... I guess these thoughts could have come from the fact that I have been trying to figure out what I want my "New Years Resolution" to be, or how I'm going to change the world by 25... (haha) 

Wanna know what my lovely peeps?
I finally figured it out what this mumble jumble in my head is!!!
And to be frank, I am quite excited about it.
This isn't a New Years Resolution. This is more of a life resolution. (to be honest, it kind of sounds really intimidating as I write that... uh oh). New Years Resolutions have never been my thing... they just don't work for some reason. I won't drink soda for 5 days and then it's someones birthday party kinda thing. (By now you are probably thinking... man, if this girl can't even manage a one year resolution, how in the world will this lifetime thing work??) Don't worry... I'm trying to figure that out myself. But I am gonna do this. And I am going to start now. If you didn't get the hint from the words I threw down earlier on the page, here it is, plain and simple.
 I want to be a better person.
 There! I said it!
Whew.... Now what? I guess that was the first step... Of course I have shared this ongoing wish with my love.. but that's where it's stuck.. and nothing has changed. By writing it down, and now that it is in cyberworld for anyone and everyone to see, I feel more confident that I have the power to make this happen. Now you are probably thinking, WOW! This chick really IS crazy... she was so scared to say that she wanted to be a better person? I promise I am not (maybe just a little). This thing is big for me! In my own way.

 I don't think I have ever had a period in my life when I have solely been able to focus on improving myself... and so I have always put these thoughts on the back burner. Steve came home about 3 months after I had graduated,and before that I was in a really serious relationship. I'm not saying that I would have changed anything, or given myself more time, because I wouldn't have. I wouldn't give up any of the experiences that I have had for anything. But I've realized now that I don't have to be alone to accomplish this. And that I don't need a set period of time to make it happen, that it actually HAS to be an ongoing thing if I want it to work. I'm actually grateful that it is this point in my life when I have decided that I am going to make this change in myself. Because I have my best friend right by my side to help me. Cheesy? Sure, but it's true. And I am realizing that I wouldn't have been ready before this, and it might be too late if I try and put it off any longer. It may be something that only I will notice, but that's okay.
The next step? I should probably figure out what it is that I need to do to become a better person. A better wife, daughter, sister, friend... everything. To ultimately feel like I am my BEST self. I have always had a rough time admitting when I fail, or am wrong and I want to change that. Maybe that is what I will work on first. This should include all aspects of life, right? Well there you go, I think that is why it is going to take me a lifetime to (hopefully) get it down. Because I know I'll make an endless amount of mistakes during this process, and I'll fall, But I am determined to always get back up, and take something out of the hard things that I go through.
So, life... I'm ready.

Bring. It. On.
>> Ry


Welcome 2013

Remember the bugged out new years bash that I was talking about from the last post? Well, it happened. And it was the most intriguing celebration ever. Mr. Warner and I traveled up to Salt lake City with 4 other couple friends of ours (It's so awesome being married) and we spent the night in one of the funnest, and finest hotels up there. To say that we "Partied Hard" is an understatement. 

We began the night by a long awaited feast of Cheesecake Factory takeout. Believe me.. It was very long awaited (like we waited over an hour, long awaited).. but it was good. Especially after 3 of our lovely acquaintances all had the main ingredient of their meals missing… they did get gift cards though, so I guess you can say that it was worth it.

The rest of the night was filled with games that I counted as my work out for the day. Literally, my abs hurt from laughing so hard. Some of the photos taken were not so PG-13 rated… I'll leave those out, just for reader convenience. Promise they are the best though.

We rung in the new year with delicious sparkling cider, and all of the kisses and wishes in the world.

I'll be back with my thoughts on this new year, and even more thoughts on this past year that we've had 
(already kind of sad it's over… it was the best to say the least)

Stay tuned

>> Ry