Let's Do This

Woah.. I like don't even know where to begin. You know when you have been avoiding something for a really, really, really long time, because you kind of don't want to face that you have really lacked (sucked) in whatever area of life that may be? Well that is exactly where I have been stuck for like, 6 weeks now. Writing. Not just blogging, but journal writing, too. Maybe not even that.. I dunno, I guess I have just totally failed myself and keeping up on my thoughts, and doings over the past three months, and I hate it!

Does that even make sense? ha maybe not.

But I got to the point today where I remembered for a split second what I've been missing out on and I miss it. I miss having an outlet for my thoughts, feelings, all that fun stuff. (I feel like I go through this writing sickness like every 5 months... so just work with me here..)

Things are just changing around my eyes every single day.. in good ways though! I feel like life is just passing by so fast and sometimes I can't handle it.. ha

I'm just glad I have this good person (below) to keep me grounded when I need it.

Annnnddd... I think I'm just gonna leave this post at that.. to get over my temporary/weird/trying to figure my stuff out phase. But I definitely don't want to be a stranger to my own life anymore. So I think I'll stick around this place for a while again. I like it.

>> Ry


thoughts and blabber and fun stuff

This post is gonna be all over the place. Just a heads up.

 So 2 weekends ago, life was so great. I'll talk about that first. Steve's parents came in to town on Friday evening. I spent that day having a little selfie time. gym, grocery shopping, a little home "stuff" shopping, etc. I needed it for me. (aka I didn't knock on doors).

We (padres, cait, lou, and kiddies) when to the glorious chick-fil-a for some dinner, and then waited for our working men to get home. The night was spent just hangin with the family. Saturday I went out and worked. Got a sale and then kept working. Steve was awesome and got two, and then we met up for some dinner at in-n-out. (duh). That night we just hung. again. Watched a movie, walked the streets of Victoria Gardens. Just loved our worry free night together. Sunday came with church in the morning, and then a lovely beach day to follow. Night was just spent hangin.. again. Gosh I love the summer.

I think that is one of the things that I am going to miss most about the summer… just hangin. Whether it be with our family, or our best friends that we have created such amazing relationships with. It is coming to an end pretty fast as I have explained a bajillion times before, and I'm not really okay with it. I am going to miss being able to go to the hot tub whenever we want, do a little grillin' at the pool, be able to have the exact same schedule as everyone we know, being able to have late night talks and late morning sleep ins with Mr. Warner. But then I try to stay positive. We really have such awesome jobs. We work our complete hardest for as long as is physically possible, and then we get to enjoy ourselves. I love it. I am going to miss the summer time, being able to do what we want when we want. And have control over our own success. It really is the best feeling ever.

BUT then I remember that when things end, it just means great things are going to begin. Like we are just closer to next summer, closer to being able to be in our own home, closer to being able to have little kiddies (you have no idea how bad I want a baby - it's sick), closer to school being done.. all that good stuff.

So now that I will be on a plane home in less than one week, that my summer working days are pretty much over (we will see if I muster some sort of motivation to go out today - I mean we are in Santa Barbara... so there's most likely not a fat chance - More on that later), I am really reflecting on how amazing these past four months have been. How I have grown personally, how Steve has grown personally, how we have grown together. How I know that I am not physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, in any way capable  of getting through everyday, every joyous time, or hardship without the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Or being able to pray at any waking moment of my time. It is an amazing thing, this church I belong to.

I am excited to see my family. I am excited start school, to have so much time on my hands. I am excited to spend time with my nieces and nephews. I am excited for life. For this new chapter in life that we are coming up to.

And I am proud to say that I can 100% close this last chapter and feel successful, and accomplished in every way of life.

Coming up? (sooner or later) our little time with our best people the Hodson's. AND 1 year Anniversary coming up in a few days!! (still have no idea what we are doing).

For now, Enjoy a few looks of our lovely lives as of late. 

 Gosh my husband is so good looking. Our lives are awesome. 

>> Ry




Sayyy Whhhattt??

Is it seriously already August? This is like shocker for me. The first week of August is almost over. And I'm actually having a hard time accepting it.

> The summer ends this month

> School starts this month

> I say goodbye to my husband for a month this month

> I get to see my family this month

> I get to drive on the roads in orem and be surrounded by mountain beauty this month

> I am leaving this glorious state that I love so much this month

AND The summer sales season is ending this month

Part of me wants to just soak in the sun these next few weeks and take my time at the pool, take little road trips to the beach, try and search out all of the little thrift shops that I have been wanting to all summer..

and then I'm like wait… 

No Sariah..

You need to take advantage of the next three weeks that you have, and make as much mula as possible. I am 16 away from my goal, and I will reach it no matter what it takes. So then I get my head on straight again and say, okay now get in the car and drive to the area. 

I think that has been my biggest leap this summer is having incredible amounts of self-discipline. It is so hard for me to just get myself out there, and knock on doors. I have learned more about myself, my needs, my wants, my dreams, my desires, my strengths this summer, more than any other time in my life. And I am so grateful for it. It has no doubt been the hardest thing I've ever done, but yesterday when I was finalizing my school schedule for this fall it dawned on me…

I won't EVER have to work and go to school at the same time AGAIN!!! I want to cry happy tears just thinking about it… I am going to be done with school by two in the afternoon.. two days out of the week I only have one class… and quite frankly I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself. (besides the fact that I am taking 19 credits and that I actually might be busier than I was before because of that).

This summer is already paying off… I am such a lucky girl. For so many reasons.

Here is to finishing off strong, maybe getting a little pool time in, and trying to get my husband to drink nasty tasting protein drinks by the end of the summer. Hooorraaahhh!! 


PS. I'm obsessed with "home" stuff. Like all things decorating. I can't wait to have a place to call our own and be able to do whatever I want with it. Yes.


On Friday, July 19th (The day that my sweet Steven Leland Warner started life on this earth), I drove to the far away land of Simi Valley to surprise my big 23 year old kid. I was literally shakin' in my boots as my partner and crime, Mal and I drove to the Holiday Inn Express. Then I wanted to pee my pants as we were hiding in the dark hotel room, Behind the beds, waiting for our men to come in the door after a long day of work. We ate some delicious food at a little joint right by their hotel, and then just cuddled. Fun, right? Our time together was short. (like 1 and 1/2 hours short). Us ladies may or may not have gotten emotional as we said good bye to our significant others, and then Mal and I were off and home at one in the morning that night. Wohoo for sporadic, last minute, crazy fun road trips.

It was so quick I only took one picture. This is Mr. Warner's birthday cake with bomb fire candles and the most delicious frosting you will ever taste in your life…

Yes, I know that this little shout out is a little late… but I wanted to make sure that the world knows again (This is pretty much a reminder post, because I already shoved a bunch of mushy gushy awesomeness on insta the day he was actually born) how happy, lucky, ecstatic, overjoyed, etc etc. I am that this man was born and is in my life for forever.

I am the literally the luckiest lady in this universe to have a man who is so hardworking, loving, patient, hilarious, caring, kind, sexy, admirable, spiritual, friendly, considerate, helpful, supportive, classy,  handsome, entertaining, strong, spectacular, the list goes on and on and on… to be my husband. 

He is amazing at everything that he does, and never settles for less than his best. He would do anything to make me happy and sacrifices for me every day. I love you Steve. As high as the sky and as deep as the ocean.  You are my hero in so many different ways. 

We are going to party all year long in celebration of you. Mark my words. 

>> Ry


Disney me silly

 When Ken was out here, I was convinced that I had to take a day off and spend some sister/auntie/sister-in-law time with my loved ones at the happiest place on earth. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE disneyland... like literally adore. My husband on the other hand... not too fond. (He says the big rides make him sick, and he doesn't like the crowds). I know I know... I've already shed a few tears, BUT I am determined to change his little mind. He will be a disney loving freak by the time I am done convincing him how truly amazing and magical this people filled, expensive food, long lined place is!

Trey, Jami, Indie, Ken and I all packed our purses bright and early and headed off to Disneyland. This was Indie babes first time, and frankly I am pretty sure I had more fun on the Dumbo ride with her, then space mountain. And that is sayin' somethin'!! Wanna know one of the best parts of this trip though? Was how Mckenna got ger ticket paid for.. watch this.. it's to die for.

 These pictures will be self explanatory. Enjoy.

To end our adventures we stopped off at this pizza place that was extraordinarily scrumptious. Deep dish pepperoni was shared between the four of us. Thank you brother Trey and sister Jami for treating us to such a special day! Until next time Mickey, Minnie, and the gang. 

>> Ry



I'm baaaacckkkk. But really.

I have actually been avoiding this place for a little while now, because when I think about how much I have to catch up on, it makes me insane. But I am facing my problems now and finally telling the world about what has been happening in our lives the past little while..

Crazy amazing, I know. 

A fun secret that I figured out about myself this past week, is that I literally become mentally deranged when my husband leaves me. Steve left last week, for the entire week. And the only person who will know how crazy I went will be my best friend across the hall from us, Mal. Her Mr. was gone as well, and we just mourned together. We have obviously been away from each other before. But I think that I have been so used to being with Steve literally all the time, that I didn't know what to do with myself when he was gone. Normally we have mornings together, we come home together, drive out to area together, but not last week. I was alone in the morning, alone driving out, alone coming home, and alone at night. (Except for when Mal and I would watch Extreme Weight Loss via the Mac).

Any who, I cried every single day, except for Friday, because I went and surprised him for his birthday (More on that later) and I didn't cry on Saturday either because that was the day he was coming home. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, and I've accepted it. That's why I'm sharing :)

Well that was a fun little soap box. Let's move on.

The title of this post? That is about all I have to say about life lately. Woah. It has been so unbelievably great, (besides being in my depressed state last week). And there is going to be a LOT of catch up to do.. that is for dang sure.

I'll start where I left off from last time though... SISTER TIME!

Having Mckenna out here was so awesome. It was hard to work. But I still did. And we had such a lovely time. I definetely made sure that Ken had a taste of what my job is like... aaanndd we didn't last long to say the least. We made sure to check out the beach, local Victoria Gardens {Where we ran in to our friends the Greens/Stayners from back home!!!} play with our favorite girl Indie baby, and of course many delicious foodie joints here and there.

One of my favorite parts of the trip? Was finding this sweet little cottage that my Grandma Penney grew up in. Its breathtaking. The best part is that it is literally a two minute walk from the beach, and in one of the prettiest little beach towns, Corona Del Mar. Worst part? It was sold  years ago and we can't enjoy it for ourselves anymore.. major bummer. Cheers to wishing we were billionaires right now!

Don't worry. That's all I'm going to bore you with for now. But for the next four days you will see a blog posting blast on this thing. Steve is leaving again tomorrow for the week, and I think I am ready to handle it a little bit better. Hoping that I won't be confined to tissues and be able to lead a normal life. Knock on wood. I may be talking to soon, So I guess you will find out tomorrow! Wohoo for girl emotions!! 

Mal will be my step in Husband for the week. Love you dear.

>> Ry


Sister time

Mr. Warner and I have been away from our families for a little over 2 months now. We love it here in California, and love that we have some of our family here with us, buuuutttt.... I am missin my sisters!!! Mckenna is flying here tomorrow night to spend about a week here with us, and I cannot wait... I am seriously so excited. I am excited to show her around town, go to the beach with her, have her knock with me and see what I do everyday... It is going to be a blast. If only the rest of the family could come with!!!

It's funny to think back to like three years ago, when I was about to leave high school, Ken was the annoying little sister who always stole my clothes and wouldn't clean the bathroom, etc. etc. And now I am like a giddy child (or adult) waiting in line to enter Disneyland or something. I CAN'T wait for here to get here. There will probably be an overload of instagram pictures, and of course a novel of how our time together went.

We love each other.

PS.. the summer is half way over... what the crap??? I'm realizing how fast these days are going by and it's freaking me out. Here is to taking advantage of every single second I have of this amazing opportunity!!! Catch ya on the flip side.



We Love Sun

Yesterday was our first {and last} day this entire summer that we had the ENTIRE day off. As an office we sold over 200 accounts, and were rewarded a beach day. It was seriously needed, and seriously the best. We woke in the early hours and then headed down to Laguna Beach were we gained territory with the rest of the amazing friends and family that we are surrounded by out here. Volleyball tournaments and running from the waves were some of my favorite parts, not to mention the food. Oh my… the food. We ate like three different lunches yesterday. We just kept finding place after place that was delicious, and didn't break the bank either!! Score! The shops there are amazing, all little and have treasures galore.. And I do have to say that the small streets and crazy nice cars gave me LC and The Hills withdrawals.

I decided I'm gonna start watching those shows again. ha. We will see how long that lasts. Look at how fun our day was though..

(See that orangish bag with the fun triangle design and colored stripes ^^^^^ on the front? I was dying… I couldn't justify paying that much money for one bag though. And the lady wasn't very impressive with her negotiating/sales skills so it was a no go. Heaven help me find one like it again in my lifetime!!)

One of our many lunches. Best burger place. It was so good that I don't even remember what it was called. The White House maybe? 

We love you long time Laguna. Be back soon.

Side note || I have the gnarliest sunburn on my legs and shoulders and back. Literally kills. Solarcaine is my best friend right now. I have finally come to the conclusion that my body isn't like my 9 year old sisters, and doesn't just get brown when I step in the sun. I actually have to use sunscreen and be careful about tanning. yeesssss.

>> Ry



Days where we honor those who have taught us all we know are always my favorite. Today being Father's Day... I am especially grateful for the examples that Steve and I have had and continue to have in our lives. Just look at their faces.

The best way to put it is that we love you, and are beyond words grateful for you, and all that you do for us. We will never be able to get enough of you!!! 

 Happy dad's day. Go Papas. 

>> Ry


I can't even count the number of times over the past two weeks that I grab my computer, sit down on the couch, planning to tell the world (or more realistically my mom and sisters - since they are about the only ones who read this thing) all about my crappy or awesome day, the things that we do out here in the "cooc", how awesome I felt for making a real dinner for Mr. Warner and I because normally in-n-out is our fancy for the late night meal.... on and on and on.

But that is the thing... I just sit there... ha and think about it. I'm stuck. I end up catching up on other lovely reads that I adore, and then it dawns on me that what I have to write about probably isn't that cool to other people. I got sucked into the epitome of the blogging world. You know, being worried about what others are going to think of what you write, how no one cares... etc.

Then this morning I realized that DUH Sariah.... You didn't start this thing to try and live up to the thoughts of others, you started this for YOU! To remember the events and journeys that you go through, to let your feelings out.. etc. I had to remind myself that this is like my glorified journal. For me. (Maybe those of you out there who can get something out of it too) And then I was able to sit down and gather my thoughts and remember what I want to say on this thing anyway.

So wanna know one awesome thing that husband and I did last weekend loved???? Well I wanna tell you.

I'm sure that I have mentioned before how Sunday's are literally the most blessed day in the entire week. Literally. We have the day all to ourselves. This past Sunday we treked to Newport Beach with some of the amazing people we are surrounded by out here and it was a blast. We walked, listened to the waves crash on this fun, rocky boardwalk, and loved our lives. Take a peek.

What a day.



Help Please

Listen here loves...

I'm in desperate need. My body is begging me at this point, and I decided to listen. Our schedule out here isn't very "healthy eating permitting" to say the least. (Does that even make sense?.. whatever) I eat breakfast, try and eat a decent lunch, and then don't have dinner until 9-10 at night… awesome.

I need to do a cleanse… some sort of something to get these toxins out of my body, so I can start {a little bit} over. (Chipotle, you will still have my business - just not three times a week - I am going there for lunch today PS. It is seriously the most delectable thing ever. It's taken Cafe Rio's spot for the summer). Any ideas please?? I have heard of the Suja Juice cleanse, I would be definitely down for that because I have no time what so ever to prepare loads and loads of juice every day. I just need help ha.

I don't think that in-n-out every night for dinner is cutting it anymore. Please share anything and everything with this needy girl!!!

I thank you in advance my peeps.

Seriously.. there may or may not/pretty much will be a reward for the best advice I get... I'm that serious about this whole thing. It's GOTTA happen!! Lemme know. 



What. A. Week.

I can officially say that Sunday's are my most favorite day of the week. Haha no brainer, right?

Here is the selling story of the week. Enjoy.

This past week I went three days with a big 'ol bagel by my name (that means 0, zilch, nothing, nada). Finally sold two on Thursday, then Friday just punched me in the face, big bagel again. I had a breakdown to say the least… haha I have been trying to be strong, and not cry these past three weeks, and I have succeeded. Then came Friday night, I just needed to let it all out.

Next day? Saturday… the dreadful/amazing day ha. I sold three. And to think that I was debating whether I should really continue on and go out on Saturday. Man am I happy that I stuck to my guns. And I hope it sounds like I'm bragging… if not, I am going to and tell you that I am awesome… because that was dang hard!! And I am so proud of myself.

Okay, selling story done.

I wanted to take a minute and give a quick shout out to all of the amazing women that are in my life. There are so many that have taught me, helped me grow, and become the woman that I am today… It's so incredible to me to think of how blessed I truly am. Last Sunday being Mother's Day, I just want to make sure that we all remember, that we shouldn't just be thanking those women in our lives on just one day of the year… I want my mama, my sweet mama Denise, my grandmas, aunts, mama friends, sisters, all to know that I think about you every day… really.. whether it be about something that I learned from you, or how much I miss you. But you are thought of, and appreciated, and loved. 

May every single one of your days on this earth be recognized… because you are amazing. 

Wanna know what else? I can't wait to be a mama myself.. I think about that everyday, too. How what I do, and say, and how I act today is going to effect my babies, and how I teach them, and the example that I set for them… They aren't even here yet… and I am already stressin.. stress and motherhood? They are connected in every way possible. Right?

I am just glad that this lady below taught me everything I know.. I think I might pass because of her. XOXO mama

Also, is it so vain of me that one of the only reason I want kids right now is so I can dress them? (Side note, in our ward out here, there is the most adorable family, with the most adorable little nuggets.. I told Mr. Warner that if our kids are as cute as theirs, we can have 10. Yes I really said that) Buuut, I don't think so. I can control myself with that reason, so let's hope it stays that way for a while. 




Yes, this post is entitled MIA… because, yes, I have been missing in action for the past little while.

We have officially been here in Rancho Cucamonga (the "cooc" as we call it) for 2 weeks now. When I look back at how long we have been here, I swear time is going by faster than usual; but then when it is 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I am sitting on the curb eating a cliff bar for dinner, the minutes take like an hour each to go by. Welcome to summer sales my friends!!

What a life it is.

#1) My husband. He is the best. Some of you already know that….but no, you really have no idea how amazing he really is. A week before we were supposed to leave for the summer, both Mr. and I started having second thoughts about me selling or not.. after months of having the plan that we would both sell this summer (and maybe more summers to come.. more on that later), so that I wouldn't have to go to school and work at the same time, we could buy our first house faster, etc. we were now second guessing ourselves. Long story short, that was so idiotic  of us… like for real.. what were we thinking???

I couldn't imagine not being out here with him, or him here without me. because that would suck. Strong word, but true.

PS… I've already made more in one week here, than I would have made in two months at my job back home… and I was getting paid way more than minimum wage at that pretty place, too. SO.. leading in to my next point.

#2) Hard Job = Amazing Results. You won't find this girl anywhere but on your doorstep for the next 3 1/2 months.. unless it is ten at night, then I will be in my bed exhausted. I won't lie.. last week I wasn't so sure about this whole thing… Every single morning  I would want to throw up and start crying. (That is still the case by the way… don't think it is changing anytime soon either). BUT I would make these amazing people that I am with out here drop me off on the curb and drive away. Crazy, right? But I promised myself that I would do this. It's not for Steve, it's not for any of the other guys selling out here, it's for me. So that I can prove to myself that I can do hard things. Because this is hard. I think I could say that this is the hardest thing I have ever done. Last Tuesday, May 7th, I sat on the curb and finally broke down crying because I hated my life so much. But then I went and got my first sale, and realized that my life is going to go on, and it will be awesome. And I have to keep remembering that every single day.

SHOUT OUT!! To my sweet and loving and supportive and amazing Mr. Warner, as well as all of the family and friends I have out here with me. Definitely couldn't do it with out you. And that is fact.

#3) Birthday. I will be a one week old, 20 year old tomorrow!! How cool is that! It was my birthday last monday, and it was one different than I have ever had before. Normal day of wearing the same attire 6 days out of the week, and a few doors slammed in my face. I tried to play the "but it's my birthday card" a few times.. it didn't work to say the least. Mr. Warner did make sure we celebrated with a sweet dinner at PF Changs that night. Our great friend Michael, and his papa Simon Hodson came and celebrated with us too. They serenaded me with their birthday toons, and it was fantastic. I'm 20 now. People still say that is young, and it's annoying, but its better than having the word "teen" at the end of your age. I can say that I don't feel any different. I have always felt like I'm 23 or 24, so maybe when those ages catch up to me I will start feeling my real age :)

Now that I have written half a novel, I will save the few readers that consume my words and hold off on all of my other thoughts until a later date.. Which won't be two weeks away. I can promise you that. I actually have started a list of what I want to talk about. There is so much. And this summer is going to be so great. 

>> Ry


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I remembered about five minutes ago, that five days ago was a dang special day... and I sorta forgot to celebrate it...

And I feel like I have failed..
At this whole wife, first year of marriage thing.

 BUT after about ten minutes of sulking in sorrow and remorse, I realized that it is fine.

It is alright to forget sometimes... (even though I still want to kind of cry as I type this)...

I'm sure there are those out there who are gasping with their hand over their mouth, because who in their RIGHT mind forgets to celebrate, or even mention the day they got engaged.

Yes people... I didn't say anything.. not to just the world... since the world needs to know... but to Mr. Warner as well.

Soooo I am going to say it now...

April 17th, 2012 - The love of my life put this beautiful, sparkly ring on my left hand and asked me to be his wife...

It was one of the best days. Ever.. {besides the one where we actually sealed the deal}
I love you Mr. Warner.
Sorry for being the worst and not saying anything to you last Wednesday...
I think you can forgive me though, because:
1) I am pretty sure you forgot too
2) I think about it everyday anyways

Thank you for making me your wife!!

Maybe I will remember next year... that is a long shot though..

It's finals week. Over sized shirts and skirts are welcome on this body, and we can't wait until Wednesday comes when all of these overrated tests are over with.

I think you can blame my lack of memory/stupidity on school, and leaving for the summer in a matter of 5 days, and finishing work a day before we leave, accompanied by a yard sale...

Good thing I have the rest of my life to get it right. Boom.



Here We Come

Mr Warner and I are gonna do something...

We are going to leave sweet little #5 that we have been living in for the past eight months,
Sell a lot of our clothes,
Pack up all of our newlywed belongings,
And drive to California together.

We are going to be there for 4 months. 

I can't wait.

Now you are probably wondering, is this that summer sales thing that every single person in Utah County does? Including their dog? And pet fish?

Well yes, yes it is.

But to us it is much more than that "summer sales job".

This job is going to help us reach our dreams, and create a stable foundation for the Warner Family. A foundation that will make it so we can buy our first home by the end of this year.

So, I can't wait.

It is going to be hard, and it is going to be long, and hot... but it'll be awesome.

And yes.

I will be knocking on doors too.

All alone, not with husband.

With mace in hand,

And Dr. Scholls for my feet to love on.



Give Me Sun

Mr. Warner and I went to the sunny side of UT a few weekends ago with my family. My grandpa lives in the most amazing, old church house that we stay in when we need a little get the heck out of town. It was beautiful, and perfect, and full of red rock hikes and lounging in our jammies till the evening hours. We watched the LDS General Conference while we were there too.

I always love being spiritually fed. I think it gives me hope again, that I am not totally failing at this life. It is fantastic. And I am grateful for it. Take a second to get some Godly love yourself. It's worth it.

Besides consuming inspiring words, we spent the rest of our free time exploring outside. Literally all of it. Either that or in our beds dead tired. We found these amazing old mines tucked in and under mounds of rocks, and the discovered THE best little pond oasis I've ever laid eyes on. 

Rope swing, freezing water, and we had it all to ourselves. Maybe one of these days I'll share our secret spot with you… just maybe. 

^^^we didn't notice that red, KEEP OUT sign until after… we still claim it as ours though^^^

Wanna see how the series of events played out at our secret place? Take a look. We did it over and over and over and over and over again. {I'm short, so husband needed to help me get high enough…}


See this picture right here? This was just before we were escorted out of snow canyon by an angry old park ranger that gave all of the adults $150 citations for hiking on a trail that was "closed" due to wildlife preservation. {My husband is a genius and got my citation off as a warning. Hallelujah} He said that we could have harmed the frogs and the lizards. I was dying. It was the most hilarious, unfortunate event ever. Wanna know why I had those quotation marks around the word closed? It's because we were told on. We had a lady tattle on us. This lady was on the trail right in front of us. We passed her, and then she went and told on us. Apparently it was only closed for us. Not her. We all decided that we are going to go and toilet paper Mr. Park Ranger's home, as well as catch all of the lizards we can on our next hike. 

We will still be back Snow Canyon, since you are one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened on this Earth.