Happy {late} Christmas you crazies

We celebrated well this year...

(I just decided to add a little pop of color in there at the end... to show how festive we are around here)

 Our Holidays were filled with delicious food, good laughs, and awesome presents (The names on the presents were awesome, and the wrapping of the presents was awesome) - Little sis Bella took her skills to a whole new level and surprised husband and I with reading lights in a Tampon box. Oh how I love her. 

Crepes warmed our soul on Christmas morning as well as visiting all sorts of family, and talking to our favorite missionary via Skype. Thank the heavens for modern technology. We saw Les Mis that night as well.. and that just did it for us. Topped of the most amazing first Christmas, with the most amazing best friend ever. We hope yours was as lovely as ours! 

{Get ready for the most bugged out new years bash you've ever seen... Just around the corner!}

>> Ry


Christmas Sunny Style Part III

The end has come. Enjoy the last little bit of a sunny holiday. 

On our last day, we visited Knapp's Castle in the Mountains (hills to the Mr. and I) of Santa B. SO pretty. It actually used to be someone's home... Not sure how it turned into this, but I am grateful for it because this place had some of the most amazing views I've ever seen. Check it out.

On the way out of the city, I couldn't get enough of the views... My eyes couldn't move fast enough to all of the amazing things that I was partaking of. Especially when we detoured on the Pacific Coast Highway. Those homes right up against the beach were breathtaking... and we were welcomed with the most delightful sunset ever.

Right before we headed to the airport we took a little stroll on the Santa Monica Pier and enjoyed a few lovely things that this place had to offer.

Our trip served us so well. We are so grateful for the time we spent there and we didn't want to leave... until we found our that our plane was going to be delayed an hour and a half and we weren't going to be home until 3 in the morning... then we were really excited to sleep in our own beds that night...
This is how my guy and I felt about our news.

 We came home to find out that our tired bodies were going to sleep on hardwood floors rather than the soft, comfy, amazing bed that we normally sleep in. Because it it tempur-pedic, and our apartment was about 40 degrees, somehow the awesome stuff that makes our bed so lovable froze. So yeah... we just sat and laughed when we got home... at 3 in the morning... on a bed that was harder than our kitchen floor. I love being able to have the best bud ever to make the best memories ever with. Thanks for the good time Mr. Warner. I love you a lot.

>> Ry


Christmas Sunny Style Part II

I know you've all been dying for more of our sun shiny love. Consume my friends.

Just before we left, this amazing place stole my heart (and almost our bank account too). I couldn't get enough of it.

 This was seriously the most amazing bench/couch. If we didn't have to travel home on a plane.. we would have most definitely been lugging' it to Utah. I am praying that I come upon one of the beauties again in my lifetime. 

(See that model on there too? He wasn't too bad either. I like him a lot actually)

We spent a good amount of our time roaming the streets of the most breathtaking mall ever. I loved it. And so did the Mr. which was a great plus. This thing was like 6 blocks huge... We hit some deals in California, and I am not joking with that one. 

The Santa Barbara Farmers Market. Such a blast. 

 This little store... 

... scored me this brilliant piece of jewelry. Mr. Warner spotted for me and of course I fell in love with him all over again (and the ring too, of course) he knows me too well.

When our feetsies started feeling weary, we found these snug little seats that our bodies were so very grateful for. Thanks Levis store.

  Seeing this large thing, and those exceptional people we are with made us feel right at home too. (being away from snow in the winter time was a little odd for this kid. But the husband and I do think we are going to make it a tradition to visit the sunny state every December. Mark these words). 

 Our first Pinkberry experience... I crave this cold stuff. So good, but Yogurtland still has my heart.

The food that we consumed was to. die. for. (Peggy Jean's was obviously the best) But with my new - trying to be - GF (Gluten Free) diet, these restaurants had my business. PS. It's a lot harder than you would think folks. 

I had this GF Pizza to my self... (Mr. loved it too though) I was in heaven.

and this sushi place really outdid themselves. Happy Sumo, you're good, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to live up to this place:

We'll leave the best for last. Stay tuned to see 'el fin' of a Christmas, Sunny Style.

 >> Ry