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This post is gonna be all over the place. Just a heads up.

 So 2 weekends ago, life was so great. I'll talk about that first. Steve's parents came in to town on Friday evening. I spent that day having a little selfie time. gym, grocery shopping, a little home "stuff" shopping, etc. I needed it for me. (aka I didn't knock on doors).

We (padres, cait, lou, and kiddies) when to the glorious chick-fil-a for some dinner, and then waited for our working men to get home. The night was spent just hangin with the family. Saturday I went out and worked. Got a sale and then kept working. Steve was awesome and got two, and then we met up for some dinner at in-n-out. (duh). That night we just hung. again. Watched a movie, walked the streets of Victoria Gardens. Just loved our worry free night together. Sunday came with church in the morning, and then a lovely beach day to follow. Night was just spent hangin.. again. Gosh I love the summer.

I think that is one of the things that I am going to miss most about the summer… just hangin. Whether it be with our family, or our best friends that we have created such amazing relationships with. It is coming to an end pretty fast as I have explained a bajillion times before, and I'm not really okay with it. I am going to miss being able to go to the hot tub whenever we want, do a little grillin' at the pool, be able to have the exact same schedule as everyone we know, being able to have late night talks and late morning sleep ins with Mr. Warner. But then I try to stay positive. We really have such awesome jobs. We work our complete hardest for as long as is physically possible, and then we get to enjoy ourselves. I love it. I am going to miss the summer time, being able to do what we want when we want. And have control over our own success. It really is the best feeling ever.

BUT then I remember that when things end, it just means great things are going to begin. Like we are just closer to next summer, closer to being able to be in our own home, closer to being able to have little kiddies (you have no idea how bad I want a baby - it's sick), closer to school being done.. all that good stuff.

So now that I will be on a plane home in less than one week, that my summer working days are pretty much over (we will see if I muster some sort of motivation to go out today - I mean we are in Santa Barbara... so there's most likely not a fat chance - More on that later), I am really reflecting on how amazing these past four months have been. How I have grown personally, how Steve has grown personally, how we have grown together. How I know that I am not physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, in any way capable  of getting through everyday, every joyous time, or hardship without the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Or being able to pray at any waking moment of my time. It is an amazing thing, this church I belong to.

I am excited to see my family. I am excited start school, to have so much time on my hands. I am excited to spend time with my nieces and nephews. I am excited for life. For this new chapter in life that we are coming up to.

And I am proud to say that I can 100% close this last chapter and feel successful, and accomplished in every way of life.

Coming up? (sooner or later) our little time with our best people the Hodson's. AND 1 year Anniversary coming up in a few days!! (still have no idea what we are doing).

For now, Enjoy a few looks of our lovely lives as of late. 

 Gosh my husband is so good looking. Our lives are awesome. 

>> Ry




Sayyy Whhhattt??

Is it seriously already August? This is like shocker for me. The first week of August is almost over. And I'm actually having a hard time accepting it.

> The summer ends this month

> School starts this month

> I say goodbye to my husband for a month this month

> I get to see my family this month

> I get to drive on the roads in orem and be surrounded by mountain beauty this month

> I am leaving this glorious state that I love so much this month

AND The summer sales season is ending this month

Part of me wants to just soak in the sun these next few weeks and take my time at the pool, take little road trips to the beach, try and search out all of the little thrift shops that I have been wanting to all summer..

and then I'm like wait… 

No Sariah..

You need to take advantage of the next three weeks that you have, and make as much mula as possible. I am 16 away from my goal, and I will reach it no matter what it takes. So then I get my head on straight again and say, okay now get in the car and drive to the area. 

I think that has been my biggest leap this summer is having incredible amounts of self-discipline. It is so hard for me to just get myself out there, and knock on doors. I have learned more about myself, my needs, my wants, my dreams, my desires, my strengths this summer, more than any other time in my life. And I am so grateful for it. It has no doubt been the hardest thing I've ever done, but yesterday when I was finalizing my school schedule for this fall it dawned on me…

I won't EVER have to work and go to school at the same time AGAIN!!! I want to cry happy tears just thinking about it… I am going to be done with school by two in the afternoon.. two days out of the week I only have one class… and quite frankly I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself. (besides the fact that I am taking 19 credits and that I actually might be busier than I was before because of that).

This summer is already paying off… I am such a lucky girl. For so many reasons.

Here is to finishing off strong, maybe getting a little pool time in, and trying to get my husband to drink nasty tasting protein drinks by the end of the summer. Hooorraaahhh!! 


PS. I'm obsessed with "home" stuff. Like all things decorating. I can't wait to have a place to call our own and be able to do whatever I want with it. Yes.