We are Thankful

This 5 day weekend has brought us immense joy and happiness (along with sicky sicks and sleeping). Why have the Mr. and I been so bedridden lately? Good question. Let me know when you have the answer. I'll give you something cool. We enjoyed a beyond delicious meal with the Warner's this year, along with movies, treats, and card games galore.. it would take centuries to try and mention everything that Mr. Warner and I have been truly blessed with, but take a glimpse at these human beings. We delight in them more than anything and everything. Enjoy the beautiful faces. 

Side note: Look at this kid. Seriously? Those cheeks? That wrist? This guy makes me want to have a little nugget so bad. (Along with every other child that I come across). Good thing that the Mr. and I can fulfill our child cravings through the offspring of our siblings. Thanks guys. 


When Friday at 5 o'clock hits.. I literally want huge drops of water to fall down my cheeks in respect to the amount of pure bliss that penetrates my soul. It's the weekend. School, and work are done for three days... (usually) and I get to walk in the door of the bitty, smale-scaled Warner humble abode to find the Mr. there waiting for me. It is such a good feeling. Who would have thought one single guy could change the world? I sure didn't, but it's so true. This weekend was full of a husband and wife trying to get through the hours of being conscious and trying to remotely enjoy themselves while confined to the beauty of Nyquil and Mucinex. In some instances our pillows and being in a coma sounded more inviting, but despite our conditions, we had the MOST enjoyable time. The remarkable pizza place on Main in PC had our business (and will for the rest of forever), along with Cows, and the Deer Valley resort hot tub and game room.

Our Weekend Wonders:

*thanks to our lovely friends al and jaycob for providing us with such a tremendous occasion*

>> Ry


Translation Please

This post will be a decoding for all of my beauties (even though a translation for MYSELF about what this whole blogging thing is might be of great help, too! Feel free to comment with guidance and counsel). 

Side Note: I know many won't care to read this, but It could help in the future, so why not, eh?

Quite honestly my nerves have been refuting this whole blogging world for quite some time now... My Mr. and I were conversing the other night about how we need to be "cooler" if you please. No, that is not totally the reason I started this thing. I mainly started it for us (really me, because I doubt the hubs will ever want anything do to with it). But the life of school, work, dinner, homework, talk for 20 minutes, and then sleep, has really gotten to us. I have a feeling these crazy, non-relevant, and probably mindless journal entries will create zero interest for many of those blogger readers out there (I apologize in advance), but it's worth a shot, right? Any who, back to the whole "we need to be cooler"... we decided that we need to start doing things that we've always wanted to do, that we love, and find out any little detail or element about ourselves that we haven't ever known. AKA not be so dull and depressing. So this is where I decided to just go for it. Squared you may ask? Well the cheesy, cliché version is that both of our initials are SW. So SWxSW=SW^2, right? Cool, boring, I know (I really don't love math - so who knows why I thought up an equation to define the life of my lover and I). But reaching further into the depths of the actual meaning squared, it is to be fair, honest, as well as to attempt the impossible. Soooo profound, right? But really, That's what the Mr. and I strive to do and be. It's who we are, and it's what we yearn. 

Welcome to the existence of Squared. 


This is picture of my new name... (just in case anyone forgot that I am married to the coolest guy ever) because it is so awesome and I adore it. We are all about reppin' the Warner over here. 


Well I figured we should get this first post over with... so here it is! Welcome to the life of the Warners...

This is the Mr. 

and I am the Mrs. 

We are SW - Squared.