The first house - Barstools edition

Sooo, as I announced in my last post, WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE!! It is seriously the most surreal, lovely, stressful thing. My thoughts? Taxes suck (you are probably wondering how that applies to buying a house - it does). I think I decided on the all white banister after going back and forth and considering painting the stained wood myself after we move in.. it was a long thought process, I finally came to the conclusion that I am gonna stick with my gut, and what I love (and searched for on Pinterest for the past two weeks) and go with the white countertops. Heaven bless my sweet designer Natasha for her patience and help through this whole process! I'm sure she thinks i'm a nut case.

Steve and I literally have NOTHING (I'm talking furniture/decor) to go into a house. Okay, I lie, we have a few things, but nothing that is going to work. We have two tiny Ikea couches that literally feel like you are sitting on cardboard, we have a bed, we have a dresser and two nightstands that I don't love at all, we have a hand-me-down table and chairs from my grandma that is like 50 years old, so you know.. basically nothing. The search is on!! I have been hounding KSL, and every other online site you can think of that has great stuff that won't totally break the bank. But who in the good world knew that barstools would be so gosh dang expensive?? REALLY? It is my biggest hardship right now (yes, my life is that amazing at this point in time). I need help!! These are my favorites. And some of the cheapest that I have found. Help me decide please. (links below)

one | two

cheers to the home building journey!



  1. Hi
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog --> http://sumptuouselixir.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/the-liebster-award-3.html
    Lisa x

  2. HOW EXCITING!!! I can't wait to build a house someday...far down the road! :)
    They are all adorable... but I'm a sucker for light blue. so that one gets my vote!! Cant wait to see end results of the house! good luck.

    1. Thanks Hailey!! It will be quite the adventure. Aren't those blue ones the best! I seriously considering them :)