Muir Woods Adventure

June 28, 2015

The Muir woods. The summer is a funny thing because 6 days of the week are hard. so hard. this job is an emotional roller coaster, and so rewarding on the good days. But then we have one day a week that we use to rejuvenate, to meditate, to re-group and find our selves again, and we have been lucky enough to live in a few places that are very giving in the adventure department. We can take one day and feel like we can escape and be in a different world for 24 hours before the madness starts again. This day was one of those. These woods are so beautiful. We felt like a brontosaurus was going to walk out from behind each tree we saw. It was so green, and welcoming. The smells and the sounds were so refreshing. and we went with some of our besties so that always makes everything better, right? After the woods we came across the small town of Stinson Beach and had ice cream cones while we soaked our feet in the wet sand. A dream of a day I tell you! Any sight that has tall mountains and the beach in one look is a dream though. Who am I kidding? I won't ever forget this magical day!


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