A Beach Day

June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015

Everyone knows that California is our second home. At this rate it could be our first considering the fact we probably spend more time in here than we do in our home state. haha but we love it more than anything! A little while ago we packed up all of our best people and went to the beach to celebrate each other and the birthday of one of our greatest friends, Joe! It was so great. The perfect beach day. There is something about the sea that just consumes me. I could sit with my feet in the sand for hours. But who couldn't, right? And can I talk about how we have the most adorable children out here with us? Steve and I always talk about how intimidating it is to think about having kids when all of our friends have baby super models. We had a fire, and s'mores, and finished off the night by lighting our love lanterns into the ocean! (before getting kicked off the beach by the cops). I love this place we live!


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